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What to do, if you have not found the car on that place where it was left

by you have not found the car on that place where it have left. What to do?

1. Variants, basically, only two: or cars have stolen, or evacuated.

anyway at first type 02 and without emotions describe the problem:
precisely name a place and incident time, mark and car number.

then prepare a notebook and the handle: to you all will tell - where to call, go.

2. SHtrafstojanki. In their Moscow already some tens, and build the new. In particular, in the near future shtrafstojanki will place in Severo - the Western, Southern and East districts. It is promised to deduce additional wreckers which will work on New Arbate, Lubjanke, street Neglinnoj, on Taganke, around Paveletsky station, on the Komsomol area, on Volokolamsk of highway, Leninsk and Leningrad prospectuses, the Garden ring on streets.

remember: if you had time to return to the moment of loading of a car on the wrecker - demand return. Have the right. Though for a wrong parking (the penalty to 300 roubles) it is necessary to pay punishment.

But 300 is while.

the City authorities and a management of capital car inspection declared that the penalty too low, from here in a city mass neglect parking rules.
will achieve its essential increase. Corresponding amendments to KoAP are already prepared.

4. If the wrecker has already taken away your car be ready to tests:
it is necessary both to run about, and to stand (in turns). Even at the most favorable deal on half-day you are provided by a headache. Some gain cars till some days.

an operations procedure. Remember, and write down phone is better: 504 - 17 - 24. Having dialled this number, you learn, on which shtrafstojanke there is your car and it is necessary to arrive to what special department of traffic police for official registration of papers and receipt reception on payment of penalties. To call, probably, it is necessary time and again. The matter is that evakuatorshchiki not necessarily carry extraction on the nearest parking. If nearby there are no empty seats can take away in any part of a city. And while the car there will not take and will not issue, the information you, naturally, do not receive.

5. But before visit on shtrafstojanku it is necessary to visit the specified department of traffic police.
there from you will demand:

- the Passport.

- the driver`s licence.

- the log.

it is possible, it is necessary to defend turn to the inspector. It will give out documents which it is necessary to show on shtrafstojanke: the report and the decision on administrative infringement. Service absolutely free. Even you are not obliged to pay the penalty at once. If want, can appeal against against it - on it under the law 10 days and even on payment are given 30 days.

Happens that drivers, especially from among women, carry the rights and the log in salon: in a glove compartment or for solntseotrazhajushchim a peak. It seriously complicates business. After all it is necessary to go at first on shtrafstojanku, to prove the property fact on the car, to open. All actions should be recorded: the opening statement for what witnesses are necessary is drawn up. And then all torments of a hell - on a circle: traffic police, bank, again parking...

there are ways to facilitate process. For 3 - 4 thousand roubles a number of the anonymous companies and private persons will offer you the help. To agree or not - a private affair of everyone. Do not forget to write down only one more number in the notebook:
518 - 33 - 83, it is telephone hotline GSPTS - the Urban service of moving of vehicles. In this state institution there is a service of internal security. And if will not help, it is possible and it is necessary to complain in militia and Office of Public Prosecutor.

7. services the wrecker, actually, cost nothing. And if will cope within days also parking will be free. It is necessary to pay, if will take away the car in 24 hours and more: from days till 3 days - 40 rbl. at an o`clock, from 3 days till 6 months - 80. After half a year the counter will stop, but to get out the car it is necessary through court.

8. The Internet is full of councils how to save the car from evacuation. We will estimate the most popular.

it is necessary to turn out wheels against the stop: it will not allow reliably stropit a car and, accordingly, will not allow to lift it on the wrecker.

the Comment: will not work. To the kranovomu wrecker all the same as your wheels are turned out. And designers of the wrecker on which cars wear out lebedkoj on an inclined platform, have taken care and about coal of wheels - under them place special carts.

leave in salon a dog: inspectors do not like to contact animals.

the comment: And if all - taki will take away, most it will not be a pity to you to doom an animal to such tests?

there is nothing to be afraid to owners of heavy off-road cars: their wrecker cannot lift.

the comment: Perhaps but not everyone - capable to lift Hammer in a city though and it is not enough, but they are.

leave the car in such places where it is difficult to approach to the wrecker.

the comment: Logically. Only here there, where the wrecker will not reach, and most it will be difficult to you to drive - to leave.

to Learn about, whether your car by evacuation service, and if yes - where exactly, it is possible under number is taken away: ph. 504 - 17 - 24 (it is possible to call at any time).