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Insurance responsibility of the medical organisations before patients will enter since 2013

Obligatory insurance of responsibility of the medical organisations intend to enter since 2013 minzdravsotsrazvitija. And it means that if as a result of treatment harm will be done to the patient, it will receive the insurance from 500 thousand to 1,5 million roubles and 2 million will receive its native in case of a lethal outcome.

About it has told yesterday on a press - conferences of the deputy minister of public health services and social development Yury Voronin.

However, not all so is simple. Money will pay only in two cases.

If the person as a result of treatment has died (2 million) and if it became the invalid. The insurance at the first group will make 1,5 million roubles, at the second - one million, at the third - 500 thousand. Thus to prove fault of the concrete doctor it is not required. As any medical worker could become a source of problems. For example, the laboratorian has incorrectly written results of analyses on which basis the doctor has appointed harmful treatment. Or the cleaner has casually removed a dropper, and the person, without having received in time a medicine, became the invalid. not important, who has made a mistake: the doctor, the nurse, the laboratorian if as a result of contact to medical institution the person has suffered damage, it should be compensated through system of insurance of responsibility of such establishment - Yury Voronin has told.

Thus, on a plan of officials to receive compensation begins easier: it is not required to search for times extreme and to prove fault of the concrete doctor it will be possible to avoid corporate solidarity which usually prevents to establish the reasons of drawing of a damage for health of the patient. Also will get to the truth easier. The person only needs to address in commission specially created in everyone region. Its structure will include on an equal footing representatives mediko - social examination, state supervision bodies in sphere of public health services, the municipal and regional authorities, representatives of public organisations on protection of the rights of patients and trade union of workers of public health services. If necessary they will invite experts from other territories, to appoint an independent expert appraisal at the expense of the insurer and if will reveal infringements, will order to pay money. All - in strictly specified terms. 30 days - on statement consideration, 15 more - for examination and 15 - on payment realisation.

However it has missed one moment: before to address in the commission, it is necessary to receive physical inability, and on it at times years, as it is known, leave. Whether so while not clearly, really the new system will simplify the mechanism of reception of indemnification or only will complicate it.

the Deputy minister has noticed that from the patient it is not required to pay money and to make out the insurance contract. Will do it the medical organisation at own expense. It concerns all without an exception of medical institutions: state, municipal, departmental, private.

It is supposed that medical institutions will annually pay to insurers on two percent from volume of the rendered services. it is the base tariff - Voronin has underlined, having explained that it will change depending on qualification of medical workers, kinds of the help and other characteristics. Medical institutions will be fined for granting of false data on the work.

Volume of insurance payments on a covering of risks of the market medical OSAGO - 26,7 billion roubles, Voronin has underlined.

However, will admit on this market of not all insurers.

Requirements for them the following: The authorised capital not less than two billions roubles, a share of the foreign capital - no more than 25 percent, representation in all federal districts and not less than in 75 percent of regions, experience in the market of medical insurance not less than 5 years, presence of the licence for insurance of a civil liability and on medical insurance.

Plus the organisation necessarily should consist in professional community of insurers and do deductions in guarantee fund of community not less than 50 million roubles.

Presence or absence of foreign investments in an authorised capital stock for us neprintsipialno, we have entered this point under the recommendation of professional community of insurers. And if other experts convince us that this point superfluous, we will clean it - Yury Voronin has told.

By the way, according to experts, for today to these requirements there correspond units of the companies. So the market, most likely, will be divided between several large players.

By the way, at the insurer it will be right strjasti through the sum of the paid insurance from the doctor or medical institutions if criminal activity of the doctor is revealed or it rendered medical services in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication and if the medical institution could prevent drawing of harm to the patient.

the Insurance companies participating in medical OSAGO, will be accredited at minzdravsotsrazvitii.

Now the bill is placed on a site of the ministry and is ready to public discussions.