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The Ural heads of municipalities retire, without waiting punishments for failure of preparation for a cold season

For last decade already the third head of municipality has written the letter of resignation on own without waiting the beginnings of a cold season and retaliatory sanctions for its failure.

mayor Talitsy Sergey of the Humpbacks who have asked the local Duma about preschedule dismissal in communication " became the Third; with deterioration of a state of health . Term of its powers expired in December. Has the day before resigned mayor Kushvy Galina Nikitin, having explained the decision weariness . The statement was written also by head Tavdy Alexander of Nightingales. In a valedictory, pathetically addressing to townspeople, he so has explained the voluntary retirement reasons:

- Without pleasure I go for work, something in me has broken... I do not see any prospects neither for myself, nor for a city, in the budget, and to stay simply so is not on me. It is time to leave most, yet have not taken out forward feet.

All three municipalities unite impressive debts before energetikami. The debts of Kushvinsky district to suppliers of gas exceed 100 million roubles, as much should energetikam. Since spring the city lives without hot water supply. By data Sverdlov power sale the debt receivable of Tavdinsky district makes 62,2 million roubles. Talitsa should 18 million for coal, 31 - for gas and 50 million - for the electric power. The regional Department of Energy named Talitsu unique Sverdlovsk municipality where preparation for a cold season is not conducted in general. Governor Alexander Misharin has disposed to direct there the commission. She also has found out disappearance of 46 million the roubles paid by the population, but to energetikov and not reached.

All in the black list energetikov 15 territories of area appear. So, probably, the train of resignations of mayors still will proceed.