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Evgenie Shestakov: To last to achievements our country Russians feel proof hostility

last week I has learnt that Russia has at least two ways. But the best that it can make is to be at a stop.

Like the hero at the crossroads, our country as participants " confirmed; the Valdai club it is necessary to choose from two harms. What of these harms will appear more angrily through five - seven years and what promises unearthly happiness - the Russian people can guess only. So the most reasonable in this situation when all around move, but nobody can explain, where and in what it will result, to make a halt. And instead of unequivocally and irrevocably to solve, whether to go to us for friendship and potential love to Asia (where, ostensibly, us wait) or to Europe (where for us precisely do not wait, but to us so it would be desirable to believe that all will change), is better to take a break. To pitch at the crossroads tent, to light kosterok and so it is simple, without vanity to look, as the world around will change.

that Russia had a choice and it all participants " already not bad agreed; the Valdai club . This year this prestigious forum which has collected over 30 Russian and almost 40 foreign political scientists and journalists, passed by the steam-ship Kronstadt the following   from Petersburg to Kizhi and further to Valaam.

The choice of a venue of a meeting has appeared, as was found out, rather far-sighted. On the one hand concentration of thoughts (the chairman of the Valdai club, professor Sergey Karaganov named carried out action an intellectual feast ) On metre square decks obviously read off scale. And it allowed to hope that the participants who have gathered by the ship of club will find the constructive decision, where, and the main thing when Russia should float further. With another - valdajtsy on itself have felt that means a forthcoming choice of Russia - as soon as speech at session has gone about, whether to be beaten to us to Asia or, on the contrary, to aspire on - former only to Europe, the vessel has got on Onega to the strong rolling throwing the ship (and together with it and participants of a forum, some of which fell from chairs) here and there. But excitement has instantly stopped, as soon as discussion about the future way of our country has been finished, the storm has instantly abated, and only small, nakrapyvajushchy the rain reminded of a former bad weather. How here not to believe in the higher force.

Where Russia will go? Whether she will repeat destiny buridanova a donkey who has died   For hunger between two stacks only because could not make a choice where hay is more tasty. Whose bed, under rather ambiguous remark of the French political scientist, the director of the Center of studying of Russia of the French institute of the international relations of Toma Gomara, our country will choose? In the answer the American participant of a meeting has specified that before to choose bed, Russia should accept known safety measures. Only intervention of the leader of session has prevented representatives of the intellectual elite which has arrived practically from every corner of the globe, to the full to develop these thoughts.

this year session the Valdai forum it has been devoted a theme Russia: history and the future development . Differently that we are and where to us to move with earlier got luggage. Whether to dump cargo of the past and as one of participants of a meeting has offered, to study only at contemporaries . Or, on the contrary, to add to the arsenal former experience, traditions, that one of lecturers named global constants . And to be dragged with the container former thoughts and problems further in hope that this cargo when - nibud is useful to us. Or, at least, its presence does us more significant and great.  
the first conclusion which I have made following the results of the Valdai discussions - we do not love ourselves. And even in a greater degree, than us do not love abroad. That   there are we love myself present, and here to last to achievements our country we feel proof hostility. Because expensive each time its development managed to the state. That state modernisation which was spent by the most progressive tsars and in particular The leader of all people - Stalin. This modernisation moved Russia forward, but thus ruined hundred thousand, and in a case with Stalin, millions human lives. About everyone such jerk demanding mobilisation of all forces, gibli on a root sprouts of a civil society, the slightest displays of democracy and freedom. Because all this rotten liberalism stirred concentration of the power in one hands without what in our country any quantum leap did not manage.

But this old and partly the contemporary history of Russia causes not smaller shudder in our neighbours who adjoined throughout own history with Russian bear . And at many of them these contacts have left rather painful hems in the past. So historical memory equally forced participants of the Valdai club is pessimistic enough to look at an event in the country. And, from the Russian participants the pessimism degree was considerably above. In a word, all was as in the old joke telling about what the pessimist differs from the optimist.

the Pessimist considers that any more will not be worse, and the optimist is assured: could be even worse.

But as one of participants of discussion has noticed, by rules of the Valdai club it is forbidden to name surnames acting, but they can be quoted on the condition of anonymity, pessimism - a thing productive. It is necessary to reach an extreme point of pessimism to look in the future .

How many to us to this point to go, the lecturer has not informed. Figures which sounded about it, looked not too promising: one generation that in Russia the long-awaited changes declared today by the power have begun is necessary still at least. For example, modernisation which concrete affairs in all directions of public life will follow and which will mention not only narrow sphere of innovations, but also a civil society, and public institutes.

But nevertheless basic there is a question - that to us to do? Where also the main thing with whom to spend liberated years 50 - 100 which at us are prior to the beginning of the next jerk if that, certainly, in general takes place. And whether there will be through such term someone in Russia with whom this modernisation can be spent. Or present generation, without having waited the promised changes, will run up on the world, and Russia will spend the compelled pause in self-isolation as actually time and again occurred in our history.

two panels have been urged to give the Answer to these questions. The first has been devoted optimum and real model of interaction with our nearest neighbours. The second - to our prospects - Forward to Asia or back to To the union of Europe . With neighbours have understood rather quickly. If to sum up discussion on a question, what to do with ours   near circle, the answer not   has followed. Anyway the universal recipe of dialogue anybody from participants of discussion could not offer. At the best the immediate prospects - unstable relations with Ukraine, possible, in the long term, normalisation of relations with Georgia, gradual warming of relations with Poland have been outlined.

Russia should not be afraid that Belarus or Ukraine someone takes. These countries are not necessary to Europe - so the opinion of one of known Russian political scientists sounded.

And one more citation: the Chinese political scientists with amazement look at our and European complexes. If Europe and Russia weakens, complexes will amplify .  

the General opinion: Russia does not know, that she wants from the post-Soviet territory.

With Asia and Europe all is even more difficult. We want to Europe - not surprisingly that in the foreign policy programme of the government accepted in 2000 and 2008, work on the European direction costs on the second place after the CIS.

But I quote one of the Russian participants:

Today there is no European project in which Russia could be located. Therefore our country should create something under itself .

the Chinese professor Shen Shiljan has expressed the same thought rather figuratively. In China, he has told, there is a children`s riddle - a puzzle which sounds so: how to put an elephant in the refrigerator? . The answer following: to open a door, to tyre out there an elephant and to close a door .

By the way as later, it was found out, something similar exists also the Jewish folklore. There,   Truth, it was necessary to place four elephants in the car. The answer is close - it is necessary to plant one in front, and three behind. Whether It is possible so to make? Theoretically, on a paper, certainly. Especially taking into account that Russia - the native land of elephants. Those, paper, getting both in the car, and in the refrigerator.

But in practice any slonoved knows: a task in view not the real. So even to waste time on it it is not necessary. According to the Chinese political scientist, whose speech, I will add, the hall part has met an applause, we need to remain independent, going thus on inevitable costs. To rely on the forces, without refusing the reasonable help from - for borders. To make the country attractive to the people and the capital.

Russia does not need to get rid of a negative self-estimation is does by its convenient target for criticism from the outside - the expert from " considers; Heavenly Empire . For the West and on the East hope, but itself not ploshaj - he has given advice to members the Valdai club .

Nevertheless, two questions which the chairman of club Sergey Karaganov, in connection with performance of the Chinese colleague, zavisli in air has set audiences. The first - whether can survive Russia alone. And the second - whether correctly the offer to remain on that place, where now.

actually as one of participants of discussion recognised, we discuss questions answers on which will not be given in immediate prospects . If to summarise sounded on the Valdai club opinions were divided approximately fifty-fifty. One urged to turn looks to Asia (60 percent of the Russian territory are beyond Ural Mountains), others with the same confidence advised not to refuse a way to Europe (70 percent of the population of Russia live more close to Europe, on the other hand the Ural ridge). And the third believed that it is not necessary to hasten and it is necessary to choose more carefully bed in which it is necessary   to lay down.

In a word, Russia has appeared, as if the marriageable maiden. One confuses, while we will choose, there is a risk that all enviable grooms will run up on corners. And our maiden for the rest of the life will spend in svetelke.

In Kizhi to us have told about one northern custom. In the house where there was an unmarried girl, to a balcony adhered a red tape that grooms floating by knew where to go to ask in marriage. And a tape did not remove till the marriage. The more strongly it faded and became soiled, the it was more obvious: the maiden has sat up. In turn, the girl too had a powerful moral stimulus to cease to break and leave for the one who wants it to take as wife. Here and Russia it would be necessary to solve faster for itself a question, where and with whom to go. And that the tape will fade so that all grooms will float by: They simply will not see on the sun that we wait for them.