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In Spain one of originators of a fire in " is detained; the Lame horse “

the Police of Spain has detained in Barcelona Konstantin Mryhina, the commercial director of notorious Perm club “ the Lame horse “.

This information yesterday to the correspondent have confirmed in a press - service of National central bureau of the Interpol in Russia. There also have specified that detention of Mryhina has occurred on August, 31st in the house where he lived.

we Will remind, during a fire on December, 5th the last year which has arisen during pyrotechnic representation, 156 persons were lost, 64 heavy burns have got. In total on criminal case by victims are recognised more than 400 persons.

As confirms a consequence, the organizer of the pyrotechnic representation spent with infringements of fire-prevention safety, there was Mryhin. Most likely, at once after terrible tragedy it, being afraid of responsibility, has left Russia and has got over to Barcelona. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has put him on the international wanted list. In inquiry about the search, sent in the Interpol, it was said that Mryhin “ it is searched by the Russian law enforcement bodies as suspected of fulfilment of unintentional murders “.

Now the Spanish police considers the application of Russia on an extradition of the arrested person to which term till 10 years can threaten.

According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, past Tuesday the assistant to the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Victor Grin has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case about a fire in cafe “ the Lame horse “. Eight persons are involved In a criminal liability. Including the actual owner of cafe Anatoly Zak, the chief executive Svetlana Efremova and art - director Oleg Fetkulov. All of them are accused under article UK - rendering as a part of the organised group of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health and  destruction of people.

the Main fireman of the Perm edge Vladimir Muhutdinov is accused of abusing powers of office. Under the version of the investigation, it has given out to ill-starred cafe “ the Lame horse “ and to shop “ Lja Kav “ the fictitious conclusions about observance of requirements of fire safety that those have not undergone to check by bodies of the State fire supervision.

Inspectors of the State fire supervision Dmitry Rosljakov and Natalia Prokopyev in connection with carrying out of inadequate checks of cafe by them are accused of a negligence.

Besides, to Igor and Sergey Derbenyov, applied in cafe pyrotechnics, from - for what the ceiling overlappings made of combustible materials have lighted up, accusation in infringement of rules of use of the pyrotechnic products which have entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health and  destruction of people is brought.

the Main investigatory management of Investigatory committee was engaged in criminal case Investigation at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. After delivery of copies of the bill of particulars by all accused, have explained in SKP, criminal case materials will be directed to Lenin district court of a city of Perm for consideration in essence.