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The head of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs is dismissed for crimes of subordinates the general zamglavy managements of militia of the underground of Moscow

Yesterday - lieutenant Vladimir Kolokoltsev has ousted and has dismissed from bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Moscow underground of the colonel of militia Alexander Telitsu. About it the chief of department of the information and public relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Victor Birjukov has given.

the High-ranking militiaman has lost an epaulet in connection with detention of its two subordinates which suspect of abduction of the citizen of Belarus.

According to our source in law enforcement bodies, field investigators have detained on the Volgograd prospectus of four men which on August, 31st, threatening with physical violence, have stolen 30 - the summer jobless migrant. It have brought on apartment of one of thieves where days scoffed at it. The victim of tyrants has managed to be released and has addressed in the nearest police station where has informed that torturers was five persons, among which - militiamen.

Among arrested persons there were really two employees 1 - go department of the Department of Internal Affairs by the capital underground, 3 in bodies 3 and 6 years.

However a press - the secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs on underground Alexey Myshljaev asserts that it is a question about were, instead of of operating employees. He named surnames of suspects: Kutejnikov and Dedikin. They have been dismissed from service some days before commission of crime. Both deny the fault.

It any more the first case when heads of divisions of capital militia lose the armchairs from - for crimes of subordinates and bad work with staff. Past Sunday the chief of militia of public safety of the Department of Internal Affairs of Northern administrative district Hamid Abdrjahimov is discharged of a post. The day before four its subordinates have been arrested on suspicion in abduction of the capital businessman.