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Tomorrow starts festival of military orchestras of the world

On the threshold of festival the commandant of the Kremlin, the general - lieutenant Sergey Hlebnikov has told that this year on Red Square will gather military - musical collectives from 9 foreign countries - Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, the USA, France, Great Britain, Bahrain, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

For the first time on to the Spassky tower the combined orchestra of the states of the European Union will act.

- Our festival will show national colour and power of the countries - participants including Russia, - Sergey Hlebnikov has underlined. - the Festival bears in itself a huge integration problem that to me it is the extremely pleasant. Leave on Red Square and traditional participants of our action, military - musical collectives Kazakhstan. I can notice that they on a half-step ahead of us, and we will try to catch up with them this year. From France, Israel, the USA and Bahrain have arrived absolutely new collectives yet known to our spectator. I consider that expansion of borders military - musical culture is a sign on a recognition in our party.

Prior to the beginning of the main representation it will be possible to look at demonstration performances of the Cavalry honourable escort of the Presidential regiment of the Russian Federation together with pupils of the Kremlin school of riding, and also to listen to execution of the author`s song devoted to military victories of the Russian veterans.

- I expect a question, what for modern army a cavalry, - Sergey Hlebnikov has joked. - On horses we, of course, will not be at war, but till now the special troops in difficult mountain conditions work on a horsy.

Now, a day before the holiday beginning, under the direction of the chief military - orchestral service of Armed forces of the Russian Federation, the main military conductor, the general - lieutenant Valery Halilova rehearsals of orchestras come to the end.

- Rehearsals pleasantly surprise me, - Valery Halilov has shared. - They pass in adverse weather conditions - a wind, a rain and a cold, but foreign musicians have amazed me with a spirit and magnificent preparation, excellent acquaintance to a musical material. The combined orchestra volynshchikov the European Union in which people of different nationalities play, has perfectly studied our military melodies and repertoire of pre-war years. Will arrive to us and a unique horn orchestra from St.-Petersburg. It has been created at empress Elizabeth Petrovne.

As Valery Halilov has told, the horn orchestra uses unusual reception - plays one main note and thus in its repertoire - classical pieces of music. As it is possible, it is necessary to learn to spectators the Spassky tower .

On a question as at execution of military marches orchestras manage to combine army discipline and creativity, Valery Halilov has told that similar difficulties do not arise:

- the Discipline is a necessary concept for reproduction of any music. The conductor in military - a musical orchestra is a dictator. Only so it is possible to reach result. I have a conductor`s baton, but on such scale action, as festival the Spassky tower I work in white gloves. Simply because a stick it will not be visible in last numbers.

Musicians from the Orchestra of police of Israel which participate in rehearsals and last preparations for opening, have shared impressions of stay in the Russian capital.

- I served in the Soviet army and when - that played Palace Square in Leningrad, standing shoulder to shoulder with Valery Halilovym, - the second conductor of an orchestra Michael Gurevich has told. - It is very glad that now we have met again. Many our musicians well speak on - russki and have grown on this remarkable earth, we are glad to return again here.

speech and about one more important factor of a holiday - about weather Has come. Sergey Hlebnikov has expressed special gratitude to partners and visitors of festival:

- I Consider that it is a sign on solidarity with Moscow, after all it was possible to refer to severe conditions and to refuse arrival. Visitors of festival should put on simply warmly, and about a rain we have thought independently. The rain will not be.

By the way, at festival the Spassky tower this year there was a talisman and an excellent souvenir. It is a figurine of the drummer - the grenadier. Sketches were developed by artist Michael Shemjakin who and is going to visit festival:

- I the son of the military man, my mum was at war, I very much love military music.