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The monthly increase to military pensioners has grown to thousand roubles

this month purses of military pensioners a little potjazhelejut. Under the decree of the president which publishes today, payments to it will increase by 760 roubles.

we Will remind that about the decision financially to support otstavnikov Dmitry Medvedev declared one of these days at opening in Orenburg the first presidential military school. In the middle of June this question at government session was lifted by prime minister Vladimir Putin. In March, 2005, being the head of the state, he has established for military pensioners the monthly extra charge - 240 roubles. While time has raised with 660 to 900 roubles a base unit of civil pensions, and Putin has counted necessary to tighten on the same level of payment otstavnikam.

In the last two days the president and the government much have made for improvement of life of veterans of work. Their pensions have considerably increased and have exceeded average on the country pension of the former military men. Meanwhile to lift or at least proindeksirovat payments otstavnikam it has not turned out. As a result in material maintenance of different categories of veterans the warp was formed. Many the former officers and ensigns even have been compelled to refuse military payments in favour of the civil. That as - that to support army pensioners, the president of Russia has increased it since September, 1st monthly surcharge with 240 to 1 thousand roubles.

As have explained to the correspondent in department of social guarantees of the Minister of Defence, more all needy pensioners will feel a monetary increase. At the former ensigns, soldiers - contract employees, younger officers and widows of military men the size of monthly payments on the average will raise for 15 percent. At other military pensioners - for 10 percent. It is necessary to mean that under the decree of the president this money will receive not only veterans of army and fleet, but also the former military men of law-enforcement bodies, the State fire service, and also equal to them eks - employees criminally - corrective system and drug enforcement bodies. In total increase will concern several millions Russian citizens. For these purposes from the budget will allocate 7,9 billion roubles.

the Increase to pension, of course, pleasant event. But it is essential to improve financial position otstavnikov it will not help. Therefore now in defensive department and the Ministry of Finance study variants of performance of the presidential order which has sounded in its annual Message to Federal Meeting, - to increase by 6,5 percent since April, 1st, 2011 a monetary contentment of military men and the persons equal to them. If in seven months will lift the salary sluzhivym, the sizes of military pensions will automatically increase also. Thus anybody not begins to cancel their monthly surcharge.

Well and the greatest hopes otstavniki connect with 2012 when into armies will enter new system of a monetary contentment and simultaneously will raise the sizes of military pensions. Preliminary plans - for 70 percent.