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The emergency situation mode is entered into Tolyatti from - for a burnout

an emergency situation Mode entered into Tolyatti from - for a burnout in city vicinities on federal highway 5, the mayor of Tolyatti Anatoly Pushkov has informed.

Mode CHS operating in Tolyatti since August from - for fires in a green zone of a city, has been removed on September, 1st.

Mode CHS is entered on the night of Friday upon fires. The fire area has made about 200 hectares - he has told.

Line 5 is blocked for 30 kilometres to an entrance to Tolyatti. Wood in a direction to a city has burnt out, beginning from stely Tolyatti on southern entrance to a city.

the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Being on a place has told that to 09. 00 in Tolyatti two helicopters for fire suppression wait.

For fire suppression military men are involved. At the gas station in an ignition zone fire-engines are on duty. Fire is cut in every way - he has told.

the Strongest natural fires blazed in the European part of Russia since July. Only in the end of August - simultaneously with the cold snap which has come to region after two months of abnormal heat - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu declared that with elements it was possible to consult.

All the elements stormed in 22 subjects of the Russian Federation. There was about 30 thousand natural fires on a total area almost one million hectares. As a result of elements were lost more than 50 persons, have burnt down about 2,5 thousand houses.

In connection with a difficult fire situation in seven regions - the Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh, Vladimir, Moscow and Ryazan areas, in Mary El`s republics and Mordovia - mode CHS was entered. Local authorities entered an interdiction for visiting of woods.

In struggle against fire participated more than 160 thousand persons, from which almost 125 thousand - professional firemen who work in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Experts were connected to suppression of fires from other countries, and also volunteers from the regions which have suffered from elements.