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The humanitarian help for Ryazan pogoreltsev has appeared in a silage hole

Contents of the several supersize cars which have delivered from Novosibirsk the humanitarian help for pogoreltsev in Shatsky area of the Ryazan region, is not has reached the addressee.

the letter has come To edition from the artist and musician Vladimir Barkova who 12 years ago has moved from capital in Ryazan Shatsk. In the short message it was said that local authorities have thrown out the humanitarian help collected for pogoreltsev by inhabitants of Novosibirsk in a silage hole.

the First reaction to it - such be simple cannot. But the enclosed photos - the eloquent certificate of limiting cynicism of regional officials.

Vladimir has told that in the night from Saturday to Sunday to it have come local muzhiks also have asked to photograph the rests of the humanitarian help thrown out in a silage hole . In 6 o`clock in the morning it with a companion already was about village Taradei. Wandered on this terrible dump, removed and collected touching notes with the support words, which Siberians have sent Ryazan pogoreltsam together with things.

expensive Ryazan friends! - it is written by a firm bold hand in one of letters. - we! We trust: you will have new light warm houses, and is fast! And the house will be a full bowl! And on house warming we will dance together with you! We embrace. Keep . And the modest signature: novosibirtsy N. I .

Alas while very distant people sincerely empathized another`s grief, tried to help and it is material, and encouraging words, others, being in immediate proximity, seemingly, have solved pomaroderstvovat, having used a situation.

the Village Taradei about which have thrown out the humanitarian help of Siberians, by the way, has not suffered at all from fire. As have explained in the regional government, these things intended for pogoreltsev villages Fresh. But, according to local residents, the most part gumanitarki at first has been brought in school in Taradejah where people simply assorted that to whom is pleasant, and then remained have brought to a silage hole.

to Contact the director of the complex centre of social service of the population for Shatsky area Svetlana Dardykinoj and it was not possible. As have informed in a press - service of the governor of the region, it is already dismissed from a post. But earlier she has explained to the Ryazan city site that supposedly a part of things have selected for pogoreltsev, and the others have sent in sports hall taradeevskoj high school. these things on a waybill are registered as modular cargo the majority of them is simply unsuitable for socks, - it has explained. - as in settlement there is no dump, they should be thrown out in a silage hole .

Truth in these words, most likely, is only the information on absence of a dump. According to Barkova, in a silage hole there was a home appliances and bed-clothes, clothes and footwear, and many things with labels. It is difficult to present that pogoreltsy on the threshold of winter have refused the Italian jackets and the fur coats let even not new, but quite sound. By the way, one of such fur coats was accompanied by the explanatory: very warm .

Local residents assure that on the arrival of the humanitarian help the heads the best has disassembled to itself supposedly first cars even unloaded almost in a court yard of the house of head poselkovoj administrations. Tell also that each car with the humanitarian help is followed by certain businessmen who the first select things with labels, and then these things appear in the markets. But the Office of Public Prosecutor will understand this national creativity.

As Olga Peksheeva if there are facts with the thrown out humanitarian cargo has explained the chief of department on supervision of observance of the federal legislation of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, check will be spent. While such statements in Office of Public Prosecutor did not arrive.

However, the version with marauding businessmen telephone threats to Barkova, begun indirectly confirm after it has reported the matter on the blog. As he said, unknown persons have already promised both the house to burn, and a bullet to start up .

the head of region has operatively reacted To a scandalous situation. As has informed a press - the secretary of the governor Olga Chuljaeva, Oleg Kovalev has already disposed to understand and punish guilty up to dismissal . As she said, all thrown out things already have collected, them will disinfect, then they will be rozdany needy through the centres sotszashchity.

By data for September, 1st, in region with the humanitarian help has arrived from different regions of 8 supersize waggons, not including less capacious transport. All cargo is systematised and will be rozdan pogoreltsam at settling in houses. As she said, first of all it concerns home appliances, bed-clothes, ware as to people who while do not have house, simply there is no time to be engaged in these things.

Besides, all arrived clothes which for any reasons will not approach pogoreltsam, will be also rozdana needy. we are very grateful to all who has assisted the inhabitants of the Ryazan region who has got to a trouble - try to justify in the regional government and apologise sacrificers from Novosibirsk for the happened.