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Vladimir Putin has visited the Moscow international book exhibition - fair

With a huge bale of books the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin from XXIII Moscow international book exhibition - fairs which has opened past Wednesday in Moscow has left yesterday.

In the All-Russia exhibition centre have welcomed 56 countries, Byelorussia became the guest of honour. However, the Russian prime minister domestic publishing houses more interested: some of them have appeared in deep crisis, and some are rather successful.

But at first Vladimir Putin has approached to the spouse of the first president of Russia to Naine Eltsinoj - to the book which has been let out in series ZHZL Boris Yeltsin the preface was written by the head of the government.

- I have read with pleasure, - Putin has told.

- the Live biography, - has silently said Naina Yeltsin. - on - to mine, it is fair, what exactly this book in this series has appeared.

They have talked not for long: Life both it is close and sudbonosno has intertwined with Yeltsin and, in general - that, there was no necessity something to ask each other. At least on public. But surrounding people suited a crush, trying to give a premiere just bought book: Putin signed Yeltsin .

Video: Sergey Kuksin

Suddenly to the prime minister has broken the unknown figure presented by a member of a regional society Suvorovets . Instantly having comprehended an event, he has put in hands to Putin the book Help itself and another . On a cover harmonous female feet lay on a green meadow - the proprietress of the rests of a body has been cut by a book format. an illustration at you approaching - the prime minister has smiled.

A bit later to Putin have presented the brochure under the name If the love exists... . And at the same time and the children`s book What happens at kittens? .

by the way, at the Children`s literature affairs are absolutely bad: as the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Michael Seslavinsky has explained, the publishing house is exposed on the auctions. it is bad, if it will be bought by the not profile investor. There is a high probability to lose the good publisher - the official speaks. and school libraries did not buy many years children`s fiction - the representative of publishing house spoke. Putin took one of books, has opened it and has got on the story the Roof .

- At you - that the roof is? - The question at the prime minister has quickly ripened.

- Is not present. But we here wanted to address to you...

the Prime minister promised to help.

In the meantime in crowd on shoulders of the father the live certificate of sat that books are really necessary to children. And the adult, by the way, too.

- Hey - hey - hey, - the boy whom the father has advised to give a hand to the prime minister has cried. what is your name? - Putin has asked.

- Alex. We from Germany...

- About, in Germany very good exhibition is - Frankfurt, - Vladimir Putin has told already to parents.

Those were not surprised. Anyway, have already published zavidja the prime minister, adults instantly turned to children who would like the autograph, hand shakes or is simple several words. And which wanted to know, why in Russia there is no Disneyland.

- In Sochi we plan to construct, as soon as the Olympic Games we will finish. We will build in the Imeretinsky valley, - the head of the government has promised.

It after all has just returned from long sibirsko - Far East tour and, probably, it would like on warm coast. But why in Sochi will construct the Disneyland, the prime minister did not begin to explain.

In other children`s publishing house the premiere have told that the books, let out half a year back, shops any more do not take on sale, everywhere only fresh Gogol .

- We can bring down to Russia party of classical books on 30 roubles. At me they lie in several boxes, - the representative of publishing house spoke.

- Read? - Putin has smiled.

And then has charged to head minkomsvjazi to Igor Schegolev and Michael Seslavinsky which accompanied the prime minister on an exhibition, to solve a question with knigorasprostraneniem.

From children Putin has passed to to animals . The prime minister has visited the publishing house stand the White city Where in a place of honour the photo album about Kamchatka from which the prime minister has returned not so long ago lay. There there were brown bears, grey whales and all those who kept the company to Putin on far peninsula.

They there walk, as dogs across Moscow - Putin told about bears while the brown predator was mown on it from book pages.

And here Publishing Doma Meshcherjakova the head of the government has learnt from stands about hard destiny of artist Ivan Bilibina. He has emigrated from Petersburg to Paris through Egypt, and then has returned to the USSR where has died in 1942 in blockade Leningrad. Only in France Bilibin has illustrated 150 books, not to mention pre-revolutionary Russia.

- So till now nobody managed to surpass it, - has noticed Seslavinsky. Also has added: - Works of Bilibina were always financed by the state.

Has finished the book campaign Putin at stands of the oldest polygraphic high school of the country - the Moscow state university of the press. Rector MGUP Alexander Tsyganenko has told a premiere that in the former Polygraph students from all Eurasia are flown down.