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Venice, day of the second: the Nasty sheep Miral

the Theory, is told, dry. Here all of us theorised before the Venetian film festival much. And so   threw cards and edak - all time left that competition should be is unprecedented the strong. Really, more than 4 thousand pictures otsmotreli otborshchiki - probably, have chosen 23 pieces if not masterpieces, something certainly outstanding.

Besides and competitors were not: the largest directors of type of Terensa Malika had not time to finish the films in Kannu, means, Venice will get.

However, Malik and to Venice, on - visible, was not in time.

As a result to everyone`s astonishment festival everyday life has begun is grey and is sad. Promised it is unprecedented the strong program while does not smell.

has especially amazed the Nasty sheep ” the actor and director Askanio Chelestini - the first of four Italian competitive films. The story about the boy who has grown in a madhouse, goes from the first person - the offscreen voice continuously chatters. It appears, Chelestini many times read this story from a platform, and now has decided that with moving pictures it will be even more interesting. The radio theatre with pictures also has turned out. Detailed, as Amarkord ” but to Amarkorda ” does not hold out - is not present either a public background, or the distinct purpose of all enterprise, such detail, as director`s talent. Only many unappetizing physiological details over which the hall should on - kind to giggle, - for example, in this madhouse someone are constant pukaet, and someone vypulivaetsja in a corridor, shmjakaetsja about a wall and falls the lifeless. The hero eternally cackles or bleats, because deals with hens and sheep.

As it has got to competition? Probably, because so it is necessary. Because Italy should give odds to the Italian pictures. Even such colourless. Them in competition four. We will hope, the first step is the hardest.

it is Anyway already clear that fair selection was not. Selected not the best and what it is necessary. So one film can dispel a beautiful legend. Predicting, we have considered all circumstances, except the key: selection can be conducted on honour, and can - on concepts.

the Second picture shown on Thursday to this principle has not changed. And I seriously suspect that a film of Dzhuliana Shnabelja Miral it is taken in competition exclusively from - for actual, socially important themes: it concerns a specific genre of missionary cinema. This drama concerns history of never-ending conflicts between Palestinians and the Israelis, begun with the moment of creation of the state Israel and, seemingly, not having hopes when - or to stop. The history is shown through destinies of three generations of women which try to bring a humanity shred in this permanent war. The first, Hind Hussejni, selects in the street some tens children, after bombardment remained without parents, and will organise for them boarding school. Here goes at its finest the Rural teacher ” only more pathos and without Mark Donsky`s temperament. This school leaves also Miral which have lost mother in 12 years. Mother we see in belly dance, then it offend much, consider as the prostitute, paternal it will be drowned subsequently (a scene utoplenija shown rather inventively on a picture and on a sound).

Miral has grown ideological (it plays ardent Freud Pinto from the trushchobnogo millionaire ”) . We get on a meeting, where a lot of revolutionary rhetoric on themes of national identity and social responsibility. For reliability the historical chronicle convincingly showing atrocities of the Israeli soldiery on the occupied Palestinian earths is included in a film.  

As a result of Miral, the Israeli, becomes the convinced Palestinian, even will adjoin terrorist movement. To us will show, how this problem of mutual hatred of two people which are at war for a place in the sun is difficult, and as its decision will offer utopian dream of the multinational state, a melting copper of the nations, like New York.

the Picture is removed under the book of memoirs of Hind Hussejni, but life not always the good playwright, and in a plot a lot of casual and superfluous. There is also surprising for the director of calibre of Shnabelja an untidiness in details and especially in work with children. The film which applies for documentation of a basis, seems uninhabited.

And again the question boils: it is best of 4 thousand?! Or the festival cinema is such cinema on which voluntary nobody will go to a cinema?

On Friday of a press looks ours Porridge ”. I wait not without trembling.