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In Smolensk the Polish bikers have visited a place of accident of the presidential plane

To Smolensk profits of 120 bikers from all Poland - participants of traditional September motocross Katynsky spot-check .

this year the action passes already in the tenth time, and it has turned out very scale that, probably, is connected not only with 70 - letiem Katynsky tragedy, but also with occurrence in Smolensk one more important object for Poles - places of accident of the plane of the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski. There, despite a torrential rain, the grandiose column of the Polish bikers has first of all gone. Having assigned flowers to a memorable stone and having taken part in divine service, visitors have dispersed on a platform where there was an air crash, in hope to find its any traces.

Olga Lisinova

During usual time anything similar is absolutely impossible: any attempts to conduct research and excavation in this territory are stopped not only the Smolensk militiamen bearing here round-the-clock watch, but also representatives of the Polish embassy who also sharp-sightedly watch everything that here occurs. But this day nobody interfered with visitors to satisfy the curiosity.

Usually participants Katynsky spot-check set up camp in immediate proximity from a memorial of memory of victims of political repressions, but this year weather has appeared so unsuccessful that about it could not go and speeches. The lodging for the night has given to bikers children`s camp Change which is nearby to a memorable place. Many bikers (and it, basically, elderly people) participate in motocross from the very first time, and already had time to enter into friendly relations with smoljanami. Among friends Katynsky spot-check - Krasnoborsky sanatorium country boarding school where all year long there live tubinfitsirovannye children and the children who have appeared in a difficult reality situation. The Polish visitors have come to school and this time - with kind words and gifts. Besides, they have made walking tour on the centre of Smolensk - cities which is often enough mentioned in the Polish history.