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At the Ryazan school have shown a performance of ádestruction of children in Beslan

On Friday, on September, 3rd, at the Ryazan school ╣1 the memorial service devoted to memory of victims of act of terrorism in Beslan of 2004 has taken place. Then from September, 1 till September, 3rd at Beslan school ╣1 186 children were lost more than 300 persons, from them.

In memory of victims in Beslan pupils of school have shown a performance in which have in detail recreated a picture of those tragical events, including ádestruction of children. Children - participants of performance fell to the ground, as though struck by bullets of terrorists. From seen some children have begun to cry.

the assistant to the head of administration of Ryazan Sergey Filimonov, the assistant to the head of municipal union, the chairman of the Ryazan municipal duma have taken part In meeting Vladimir Skripchenko, the adviser of the head of administration of a city Irina Grishunkina, the head of department of formation, a science and the youth policy of administration of Ryazan Tatyana Pyzhonkova and pupils of school.

After a minute of silence children have started in the sky white balls with the pigeons attached to them, as a world symbol, a sign on the protest against terrorism and wars.