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Alexey Chesnakov: not so much import of products and technologies, how many ability them is necessary to Russia to make

the Summit in Rostov

the Yesterday`s meeting and negotiations of president Medvedev with the European Union management in Rostov-on-Don have great value for development of relations between Russia and EU. As demonstration of general views on some problems of safety in present conditions is very necessary. Certainly, would be the big good luck if the parties at last have agreed about serious advancement in the decision visa a question. Russia, certainly, is interested in the prompt refusal of visas with the EU countries. Possibility for short-term visa-free visiting of the western countries by domestic businessmen and scientific, public active workers, students and tourists can become an important element in the course of realisation of strategy of technological modernisation of Russia. After all not so much import of products and technologies, how many ability them is necessary to us to make and, certainly, to live in such environment continuously changing technologically. The example most obvious to us are the most developed European countries. Certainly, they concede in some directions Far East to tigers and to dragons but they to us obviously are closer on mentality. And accordingly, at us the expert from Europe, than from Asia is more than chances to perception new social. So we will wait for following summit.

Skolkovsky laws

the President, as well as promised, on Monday has brought in the State Duma two bills of a functioning particular treatment innograda in Skolkovo. Bills provide a most favoured nation treatment for work in this project of the innovative companies and enter for them not only tax privileges, but also release from excessive bureaucratic control. All it, certainly, is very important for stimulation of potential foreign participants of the project. However, such sequence is important and for our compatriots. Some from all of them it is still indicative show scepticism. Though both in a society, and in professional business - is gradually formed environment understanding of importance skolkovskogo the project. Initial desires " gradually leave; to distribute to all sisters on earrings to smear support and stimulation of innovations on centres of science already available in the country from Novosibirsk to Dubna. The understanding of necessity " comes; proryvnogo the project, importance of its prompt realisation. Than faster these laws will be accepted and will earn, those who intends to realise the innovative ideas in this project will feel especially confidently. That faster for Skolkovo will arise new innogrady.

conditions Forcing

Ponedelnichnaja attack of the Israeli forces on so-called a world flotilla has led to a sharp aggravation in one more point of intensity. Not so long ago world powers have been compelled to understand with the conflict mutual relations Northern and South Korea. On turn of a problem of the Near East. In this ball of contradictions guards catastrophically fast deterioration of relations between Israel and Turkey. Level of opposition of these two countries creates stability and safety threat on a global scale as will - bondage involves in this conflict various interstate, including the military organisations.