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The State Duma has forbidden lawyers to carry by means in a pre-trial detention centre

Today the State Duma has approved in the third reading the sensational bill connecting hands to lawyers in pre-trial detention centres - in technical sense of a word. As a matter of fact defenders reject in XX and in something already the Stone Age. Instead of modern laptops, the handle, a notebook and chubby volumes of criminal cases become the tool of the defender.

the Law accepted by the State Duma, forbids lawyers to carry by in pre-trial detention centres and to use during appointment to clients means: computers, cinema - audio - video equipment. The exception is made for a photo - and the multiplying technics, with their help lawyers can copy materials in a special premise. Perhaps, it is one of few concessions, made to defenders. When the project was just developed, they paid attention that in an operating time often it is necessary to copy documents. Theoretically, copiers can establish and prison department, but it is fraught with complexities. We will admit, the equipment on all will not suffice, and there will be turns. Or copiers at once will break at the most inappropriate moment. Can such be? Yes. As prison department is not obliged not so comfortable conditions for lawyers. At it other problems. Nevertheless, under the law the administration of places of holding in custody can render the defender under its requirement paid services in copying of materials of criminal case in an order and the sizes established by the government. But the lawyer can come and with the technics.

As a whole authors of the project consider that the law does not enter the new interdictions which are simply available restrictions from the departmental instruction are translated in a law rank according to the decision of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation. As they say in the document, presence of the forbidden subjects at lawyers during appointments with suspected and accused which are spent without restrictions by quantity and time, does not exclude possibility of their use suspected and accused that is infringement of the established requirements of a mode and the isolation following from the maintenance of the given preventive punishment - imprisonment .

As RIA Novosti news agency, authors of the project - the first vice-president of committee of the State Duma on safety reports, United Russia party member Michael Grishankov and the deputy from LDPR Andrey Lugovoj - consider that definitive approval of the document will promote strengthening of a mode and achievement of problems of criminal legal proceedings. Truth at the lawyers, interrogated other opinion about it. They believe that the bill, having limited their work, will not add safety. After all mobile phones and the forbidden means carry by, according to interlocutors, not only defenders and it is not so much defenders. And the laptop for the lawyer not luxury, and means of acquaintance with criminal case. Now again it is necessary to work in many respects in the old manner. Will win from it unless inspectors. Though about them in the law like words.