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The American football players have landed in the republic of South Africa under cover of army special troops

At journalists who have arrived to the airport of Johannesburg to meet a football national team of the USA, there was involuntarily a sensation that they are in epicentre of military operation.

Here that the colleague from Argentina Maxim - Anhel Lopez who will specially broadcast for the latest news from the World championship in the republic of South Africa has informed our correspondent:

- On an entrance to the airport of a name of Olivera Tambo we have been met by several cordons of policemen which have carefully examined our minibus and personal things. The big problems have arisen at television cameramen from whom chambers have withdrawn for special check . Then us have released... - it is equal to a following post. It is good that we have gone to meet Americans much earlier, differently precisely would be late! But in a building of the airport we were waited by the next surprise: It has appeared that our permission to pass to a runway has been cancelled. After long negotiations with police officers we accompanied by the armed special troops had an opportunity to pass to the plane. I will notice that the runway has been surrounded on all perimetre by people with automatic machines and in the civilian . Before instructing a command on an exit from the liner, us have warned, that we remained in a special zone which has been noted by cones for a road marking. Military men have been adjusted extremely rigidly: If do not want to lie on asphalt do that speak to you! . An exception have made only for several press photographers who have passed in advance check . The rests had to obey and from apart to observe how from a gangway descend tired after 17 - hour flight football players, trainers and... Soldiers of the American army with huge trunks. Plainly to communicate to delegation to us have not given. The head coach of a national team of the USA Bradley`s Bean has stopped at ours zagonchika only for some minutes. According to Bradley, they are adjusted to think only of football:

- For our safety professionals who have arrived with us answer. Besides, I know that the police and army of the republic of South Africa were well prepared for the championship, and it will allow us to plunge into game completely. We hope to surprise the football world - we are ready to surprises. Besides, do not forget that in the Confederation cup-final our command played. That tournament passed at the same stadiums, in the same cities, as the forthcoming World championship. Therefore it will be easier to us to adapt, than to the same Englishmen with whom we will play the first match.

we Will remind that the team of the USA will spend the first match at stadium in Rastenburge on June, 12th. The second meeting will pass from modular Slovenia on June, 18th in Johannesburg, and the third - with Algeria in Pretoria on June, 23rd. The place of residence Americans have chosen hotel Ajrini Lodge in 20 minutes from Pretoria which will be under round-the-clock protection of military both special services of the republic of South Africa and the USA.

Similar security measures nevertheless should not frighten fans and representatives of other national teams, the minister of affairs of police of the republic of South Africa is assured by Nati Mtetva.

At a special briefing for journalists Mr. Mthetva has informed that probability of terrorist attack during the World championship on football is insignificant is small:

- Certainly, would be silly to say that we are completely insured from attack of terrorists. But I can assure that now nothing threatens us.

According to Mtetvy, officers have been involved in safety long before the tournament beginning from various special services, including Mossad and CIA. According to the minister, has been developed unique system which will allow to hold tournament without undue incident . However, the minister has preferred not to open a detail, with a smile having noticed that it becomes an unpleasant surprise for those who will want to prevent a football holiday.

From other news round the championship in the republic of South Africa it is live discuss a phrase of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy which in circulation to the South African colleague Jacob Zuma on Monday has expressed hope that Bafana Bafana will be more friendly to three-coloured rather than a national team of Senegal in the World championship - 2002. We will remind that on a world championship in Japan and South Korea Senegaleses in an opening match have beaten Frenchmen then world champions of that time could not leave group. On future tournament the French national team will play with the team the republic of South Africa on June, 22nd in Bloemfontein.

As inform world news agencies, the reference in the form of a toast has sounded on 25 - m ex - the African summit during a supper on which there were many heads of the states of Black continent. It is interesting that the president of the republic of South Africa also has diplomatically declared that the national team of its country in a match with Frenchmen will try to achieve a drawn game.