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CSKA has unexpectedly lost to the Locomotive in the central match 20 - go round

Capital derbi the Locomotive - CSKA it was remembered by Yury Semin`s long-awaited victory of the team and skirmish and - lja Zidan - Materatstsi which in the second time Asatiani and Gonsales have arranged.

the Locomotive did not know taste of victories in eight matches successively.

Thereupon game against soldiers became for railwaymen hardly probable not the fatal. We will remind that failure performance of club in Euro cups and national championship has poured out in open confrontation between fans and football players. Besides, unsatisfactory results of a command have forced a management Loko to consider the problem on trust to the head coach. Fortunately for Yury Semin, the board of directors has decided to give chance to the most experienced instructor - till the end of a season. At soldiers, in turn, stimulus to play on a victory was not less serious - a separation from in the lead in the championship Zenith remains and lose points in struggle for gold it is red - dark blue it was extremely undesirable.

the Pause which took our championship from - for national team performances, has done clubs good. The match in Cherkizove has turned out very entertainment in spite of the fact that the hammered ball fans have seen only one. In the middle of the first time of Majkon it has appeared the quickest in penal CSKA and after draw angular has amazed Igor Akinfeeva`s gate - 1:0. Desperate poptyki soldiers to recoup in what have not resulted, and the account on a board till the end of game and has not changed. On 69 - j to minute of the second time there was an episode about which also it is necessary to tell more in detail. The usual game episode hardly has not turned back fight a wall on a wall . Soldier Mark Gonsales has knocked down Malhaza Asatiani, that in the answer has thrown in the Chilean a ball. On it business has not ended: Gonsales in style Zidan against Materatstsi has tried to fall down the player Loko from feet. As a result of fighters which - as partners, and arbitrator Bezborodov, that " have taken away; to extinguish a fire has removed both from a field.

Children have got excited... And in general game was pleasant to me. And first of all its result. It is pleasant that the Locomotive has proved that it early began to bury - has shortly commented on an episode Yury Semin.

In other matches which have taken place the day before, generally fans have not seen unexpected results. The next defeat has suffered Siberia which with each round all becomes closer to the first battalion.

And after all in a match against Alanii novosibirtsy won to 90 - j minutes with the account - 1:0. However for schitanye instants to a final whistle vladikavkaztsy have managed to hammer twice and have gained not so logical, but absolutely strong-willed victory - 2:1. The Head coach Siberia Igor Kriushenko after game has regretfully noticed that its coma nda has stopped to play after the contender has evened up scores:

- to win such matches, it is necessary to hammer. We have not hammered, and in an ending have passed a goal from the standard and have stopped to play. And here the contender has punished us for passive game by the second goal...

Petersburg Zenith confidently is in the lead in the championship, on - former without having suffered any defeat. The next three points sine - it is white - blue have earned at native stadium, having overcome Tom` - 2:0. Goals in the first time were hammered by Shirokov and Buharov. We will notice that next Thursday pitertsam it is necessary the first match of a group round of League of Europe. On departure the command of Luchano Spalletti will play against Anderlehta .

Capital Spartak in a match against Saturn Brazilian Velliton who has written down the next two balls has rescued and confidently is in the lead in dispute bombardirov with 15 goals. it is red - white have won - 2:1 and have managed to rise on the sixth place in standings.

we Will notice that for recruits Spartaka - goalkeeper Andrey Dikanja and halfback Ejdena Makgidi - a match with aliens became debut as a part of capital club.

One more recruit, Carlos Eduardo from Brazil, has helped Kazan to the Ruby to crush houses Amkar - 3:0. The player of Brazilian national team sent a ball in a grid of gate permjakov twice and has received a praise from a trainer`s staff of the Kazan club.

Samara Krylja Sovetov With might and main try to remain in the Prime minister - league. After a victory over nalchikskim Spartakom - 2:0 for samartsev and truth not all is lost.

Capital the Dynamo on the home field accepted Terek . Fans it is white - blue have come on stadium in hope to see the next goal from German legionary Kevin Kurani. They were not mistaken In the expectations. Kevin in an ending of the first time has amazed gate groznenskoj commands. However, by then the account was in advantage Terek - 1:0. the Goal in a locker room has inspired dinamovtsev and in the second time all of them more often to a steel to threaten collars of visitors. Efforts of Muscovites have not passed for nothing: Samedov and Semshov have established the definitive account - 3:1 in advantage the Dynamo .

In a final match of round Rostov played with Anzhi . Unfortunately, game has come to the end after number signing in the press.