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Andrey Maksimov: At all times in Russia it was difficult to people to state the protest

Russian national team has lost to modular Slovakia on the home field. Played helplessly and bezzubo. Without passion. When the goalkeeper of our command Igor Akinfeev has given a pass precisely to feet to the Slovak, personally it has not so surprised me and has upset: eventually, even class goalkeepers can be mistaken. Has much more amazed and has afflicted that when - after its own error - Akinfeev has passed a goal, he has started to shout at defenders. Not to apologise, I will notice, not to be upset at all, and to accuse others.

However to apologise our players at all do not love. On the site captain Andrey Arshavin has given interview in which it is direct and has told, meaning us, fans: Would like to thank those from them which trust in our national team . Notice: do not forgive, excuse, we will justify, and thanks those who trusts... No, we trust, certainly. As to us, fans, for a long time already remains nothing how to trust. Football in Russia is such sports variant of communism: it is impossible as to construct, it is necessary to trust.

I adore football. Instants when on one of radio stations I made comments on football matches of our national team, were one of the happiest in my life. It seems to me, maybe, - that football - game, excuse, philosophical. In it character of people, that is called now as a fashionable word " is reflected; mentality .

For example, our people very much like to make feats and not so love quiet productive work. Well, day labour is boring to us! To win against modular Slovakia (36 - e the place in rating FIFA) on the home field is a usual football work, does not light. But I will not be surprised (more precisely, I will be surprised, but is not so strong) if on October, 8th we win against modular Ireland on a visit. And let Ireland takes in a rating a following place - 37 - e, but, in - the first, we play visitors. In - the second, after defeat. And the most important thing, a national team of Ireland are headed by Giovanni Trapattoni - 71 - the summer master of the football, one of the football experts most known in the world. To win against a command of Trapattoni... As the hero of my favourite film spoke: I will not tell that it is a feat, but something heroic in it is. As they say, the feat is on - to ours.

And in the relation to football the confidence of the Russian person is reflected that in any business both good and bad not on it personally depends, and from the heads. The new good chief will come, and those who badly played yesterday (built, ploughed, sowed, removed and so on), will start to play at once well (and also to build, plough, sow and so on).

When at the Russian person life is not set, he where first of all looks? In a mirror? As though not so. In a mirror he only itself(himself) sees. And the Russian person never in what it is not guilty. And consequently it lifts eyes upward - there, where the heads. And as though speaks to it: well - ka, the heads, make, please, so that life washing it was set. If life does not improve (it concerns any business) then from the reference to the heads the intelligent word " disappears; please and upwards the fist rises.

it seems To us that if at one Dutch it has not turned out with these children - football players so at another with the same all will be possible... Certainly, when the command loses, vsjak is ready to give to the trainer advice. I am far from thought to shout, for example: Dik! Here there is Sergey Ryzhikov - the goalkeeper such in the Ruby . Thirty years to the guy, by the way, can try, and? The lawyer! If Kasaeva a beret in a national team, that, can, give it to play? Dik the Lawyer, kind if with cold attention to look around it will appear that except Zenith And its players of these and last years (give to all of them God of health) we in the championship have some more commands, and that is interesting, all of them play in football...

Shouts such are senseless. Though I know well that where as many fans constrain them hardly. And in general, I unless about football speak? I about a tendency. About belief in chiefs, instead of in.

At all times in Russia it was difficult to people to state the protest. And the heads it, clearly, do not welcome, and the habit such is not present, and abilities. And in general upward to look always easier, than in a mirror.

Fires have passed across Russia. Heads of any chiefs, and still there and then began to fly, speak, will depart. And - rightly. Only recently from experts I have learnt that, it appears, not in all regions peatbogs burnt, in some woods the principle colourfully formulated on all posters operated: the Outstanding match - a cause of the fire . That is we have begun fires, people.

Those who badly was responsible for all these fire-prevention affairs, it is necessary to remove - questions are not present. It is fair. But we so were fond of fair punishment concerning the heads that as - that a lack of time began to think about to itself, of the relation to the nature, about these most outstanding matches...

Summer, and already and autumn fires are present national tragedy because people were lost, in a peace time there were without a roof over the head our, Russian citizens. It is tragedy has forced us to think of the code of woods, how it is bad at us with fire-prevention safety, how it is bad at us with drainage of bogs and in general with land improvement system... In general, she has forced us to argue on really important and serious things. About one us was to think as - that of a lack of time: about to itself. We after all a victim... And what can a victim? Only to swear on those who above.

Certainly, chiefs of different levels get us. It is truth. Where as we often feel sensation of feebleness, and hands fall. And all - taki our immemorial belief that there will arrive the new barin and will begin new life, it seems to me rather ridiculous and very unproductive. Perhaps, all - taki it is necessary to use a mirror is more often? In metaphorical, of course, sense.

To us why - that basically to consider and analyze chiefs always it is more interesting, than to examine and assort itself. Perhaps we is simple itself we do not love. In the force we do not trust: as - that we have got used to that the heads strong, and we weak...

And you speak: football. You will start to talk about game, and there into what jungle you will come...

And all - taki, road Dik, can, the new national team is not only new chief, but also new players, and? I have no right to give advice so I scream: can, try, and?

Perhaps, though football will prove to us: new people, and not just new chiefs should help to gain new victories?