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Experts of EU and the Russian Federation will discuss delivery questions to Russia the frozen meat

Experts of EU and the Russian Federations next week will discuss delivery questions to Russia from Europe the frozen meat. Such arrangement Tatyana Golikova and the commissioner of Eurocommission concerning public health services and protection of the rights of consumers John Dali have reached today head Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation.

As Tatyana Golikova has informed journalists, at a meeting the technical regulations of safety of foodstuff were discussed, in particular. they are disturbed by the bill on the frozen meat - Golikova has told. It has explained that the European party disturbs that norms of technical regulations essentially limit import of the frozen meat from the EU countries to Russia . Thus the head of department has told that commissioner Dzh. A distance has not specified, which norms can limit export to Russia.

Next week at expert level will pass corresponding negotiations, - has informed the head of branch. - the anxiety of the parties will be heard and corresponding approaches and decisions " are accepted;.

Tatyana Golikova also has told that during a meeting with J. Distances the question of the Russian legislation in sphere of the reference of medical products was discussed. they// actively observe EU, how the standard base develops in the Russian Federation under the reference of medical products, - has noted T.Golikova. - it/ the base/ will be accepted in the State Duma in September .

the Minister also has told that the European Union clinical researches of medical products which are spent to Russia interest.

We suggest to come more safely from its part on territory of the Russian Federation - Golikova has told. Means that the bill establishes carrying out possibility in Russia clinical tests of medicines by representatives of other states. In Russia there is a corresponding clinical base, modern laboratories.

Head Minzdravsotsrazvitija has noticed that adoption of law of the reference of medical products will allow to conclude the international contracts. if the international contracts about a mutual recognition of the international clinical researches are signed, they will accept our results of clinical researches, and we them - has explained the minister.