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Alexey Uchitelja`s film Edge it is put forward on the award Oscar

the Decision on film promotion Edge on Oscar members of the Russian Oscar commission have accepted.

the Observer has asked Alexey Uchitelja on its emotions in a loud occasion.

: In 2000 your film the Diary of his wife about Ivan Bunin already put forward on Oscar ...

Alexey Uchitel: Was such. How to concern awards, Oscar for today in a world cinema - the higher achievement. All to it aspire. All want to reach this top. And I am very glad that in native land we have overcome the first stage. Was from what to choose - very good pictures competed. And that have chosen us, - already original award. And there we will look, as the American academicians will react. We will get in shorts - sheet or not?

RG: Among those films that put forward on Oscar and your film, and One war, and Tired with the sun 2. Prestanding - about Great Patriotic War times... Why interest to a theme has again flashed? In connection with 65 - letiem Victories?

the Teacher: Interest is caused always by good and talented pictures. It is not connected with dates, because there is already such tradition - we sometimes do pictures to certain events. But in a case with Edge I did not think of it. Our picture not about war, action time in it just begins right after the Great Patriotic War terminations. It is other history. Why we, having an accessory to the different countries, we consider sometimes each other as enemies? How the love and force majeure can destroy this wall and Russian we or Germans allow to be simple people, despite the fact that.

RG: That is your picture on a fashionable theme of tolerance and political correctness?

the Teacher: I do not know, why the fashionable? This theme is discussed still since Hadzhi - Murata Tolstoy and so on.

RG: last week the film festival in Canada, in Toronto where from Russia only three films - yours " participate has opened; Edge Porridge and As I have spent this summer .

the Teacher: Our picture the first time has been shown just in the film festival opening day in Toronto. In total it there will be shown five times. It has turned out so that the world premiere has coincided with picture promotion on Oscar .

RG: And how the picture in Toronto was accepted by spectators?

the Teacher: There was a packed house. And after the picture termination there was a same quantity of the people what has come. There was applause. But ahead four more displays. And it is very interesting to me, as will pass the first displays with foreign spectators. As in Toronto festival where it is a lot of distributors, producers, and me the professional point of view is important also. In Toronto do not hand over awards. The subsequent result is important. If in us will become interested foreign distribjutorskie the companies, - then there will be a success.

RG: Look, how is interesting it turns out: Vladimir Mashkov who has executed a leading role in your picture, now works in Hollywood much, and all the same enters the foreign market thanks to the Russian pictures.

the Teacher: I consider that it is very good, first of all for the Russian cinema that our actors can work and them notice. And there, here again Volodja - one of leaders. We will hope that our cinema will notice and abroad, and it will help Mashkov`s career and with Hollywood.

RG: the Film Edge Leaves in the Russian hire on September, 23rd. A premiere in Moscow - on September, 22nd. It has turned out so that the information on its promotion on Oscar has served as prerolling advertising?

the Teacher: So has coincided. Who expected? And suddenly would not put forward?