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For acquisition of 50 new trains the Moscow underground will be spent 18 billion roubles

by the Capital underground till 2013 will update park of electric trains on three oldest lines of the underground. About it it is told in the project of the governmental order of Moscow About the plan of measures on increase of technical reliability, quality and safety of transportations of passengers on the Moscow underground placed on a site of the Moscow department of transport and communication.

As the editor of a site of department Evgenie Kazichkin, any project of the decision, according to the capital legislation has explained, before discussion in the government should receive the decision of the anticorruption commission. For this purpose it is taken out for general discussion on a site of the department preparing it. Moreover, under the document text any interested person till September, 24th can state the remarks, to time of the termination of work of the commission over the document. It is supposed that the project will be considered by members of a city government not earlier than the middle of October.

According to the document text, the capital underground in 2011 - assumes to buy 2013 50 new rolling stocks equipped with climatic installations. New trains are supposed to be used on three lines of the underground which in the past the hot summer is abnormal have appeared the least adapted for heat conditions. In particular, in 2011 it is planned to buy three five-carload trains of type Rusich for electrodepot Izmajlovo in 2011 and 2012 - on 13 four-carload trains for electrodepot Red Presnya and for electrodepot novogireevo in 2011 - one eight-carload train. According to the design estimate, acquisition of new structures will manage to underground in 18 billion roubles - on six billions annually.

Also is planned to continue work on replacement of escalators and repair vestibjulej stations. To replacement escalators at which will lie down service life, for today of such objects - 31 comes to an end. In 2011 five escalators will be replaced with metro stations culture Park the Ring line and three - in Medvedkovo in 2012 three - on VDNH and six - at station Red gate . In 2013 it is planned to replace one escalator with stations novogireevo four - at station Marxist and on three escalators - at metro stations Babushkinsky Baumansky and the world Prospectus the Ring line.

Besides in 2011 will be repaired vestibjuli stations culture Park the Ring line and Medvedkovo in 2012 - VDNH and Red gate in 2013 - Babushkinsky Marxist Baumansky novogireevo and the world Prospectus the Ring line. For these works it is planned to allocate from treasury of a capital underground of 5,25 billion roubles.

Besides care of passengers, the capital underground plans will take care and of own employees. So the next years in cabins of machinists there should be central airs. The innovation will concern rolling stocks only three lines - to Kaluzhsko - Riga (67 trains in 2011), Sokolnichesky (55 trains in 2012) and Zamoskvoretsky (76 trains in 2013). In total for it it will be spent 79,2 million roubles.