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Minpromtorg offers to freeze the prices for foodstuff

Article of the law about trade which allows to establish the admissible price for products, all - taki should work in the nearest some weeks. It has declared stats - the secretary - the assistant to head minpromtorga Stanislav Naumov.

The offers on price control to foodstuff by September, 15th plans will prepare and minekonomrazvitija.

According to Naumov, the mechanism of restraint of the prices is necessary for applying in regions where there was a rise in prices for products more than for 30 percent. And by that to make sober wholesalers, having shown them a certain corridor of the prices. retail in a condition to be entered in any established price band - considers zamglavy minpromtorga. However, as the history with grechkoj has shown, separate retail shops do not shun to earn on time deficiency and buckwheat to a panic. The mite was brought also by wholesalers who have started to raise the prices in 4 - 5 times. They as consider in minpromtorge, do not have signal to that the top border of their enterprise activity in the market is equal.

process of rise in prices from the point of view of the economic theory it is normal, - the president of group of the trading companies Ilya Jakubson considers, - the summer has stood out really hot . Meanwhile, he has declared that faults of deliveries of qualitative domestic products are now observed. It concerns not only grechki, but also dairy products, and a potato. Thus experts do not expect that problems with separate foodstuff will entail sharp rise in prices. will pass month - two, deliveries of all goods will renew, stabilised, and the prices will start to decrease - considers Jakubson. Theoretically such possibility is. But in any it is necessary to wait the definitive data about a crop of this year. In October it becomes clear that it is necessary to import and what cultures will be much. Experts expect stabilisation of the food market by the end of the year.