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The head of the Perm edge have fined on 300 roubles for excess of speed

the Envelope with the written out receipt on payment of the penalty for excess of speed of movement has come to the governor of Prikamye by mail.

Passing on the Southern dam of Perm over the filled speed of 50 kilometres per hour Mercedes - Benz - 500 - 4 governor Oleg Chirkunova has been fixed by a complex of video fixing of infringements.

- It is guilty, it is not right, has paid, - the head of region admitted the personal blog. - the system works, and   it is good. What for in this deserted place restriction to 50 kilometres per hour? I suppose that it is correct from - for presence of departure from the Southern cemetery. For certain fight. Has charged dorozhnikam to check up,   as well as a high-speed mode on Stakhanov - the Willow. There - that to go with speed of 60 kilometres per hour it is impossible, well or it is melancholy, it is possible to fall asleep at the wheel.

On what the governor has exceeded particularly size the put speed, is clear on the sum written out GIBBD and paid in one of branches of the Savings Bank of the penalty - 300 roubles. The part of 2 articles 12 means such sum of punishment. 9 Codes about administrative offences of the Russian Federation. To 300 roubles it was necessary to add 20 roubles of the bank commission. As Oleg Chirkunov has explained, him has surprised that the receipt on penalty payment has come on the home address of mother on which the head of region any more does not live 10 years.

- Except, probably, my error, it and the certificate of bad work of system the reference register of the population . At change of a residence permit the system could, as a uniform directory of citizens living in edge, to introduce corrective amendments in all databases.

the Extract of the penalty for infringement of traffic regulations to the governor of any Russian region on idea in anybody should not cause any surprise as the personal factor is almost excluded, and the fact of infringement video fixing system ascertains without the amendment on titles and posts. The inspector of traffic police should confirm only the infringement fact, and send documents by mail to the infringer for penalty payment. But in Perm 25 complexes of fixing of video infringements work already. In day by means of electronics it is daily fixed from five to ten thousand driver`s sins. And to the GAI officer whose work is finished to automatism, it is important to be convinced only of the fact of infringement and to make sure of correctness of state number of the car defined by system. It is possible and not to examine a surname, a name and a patronymic of the driver - the owner of a vehicle. It is necessary to send only an envelope   to the necessary address.

it is possible, and has occurred in this case that has allowed the governor of Prikamye to correct the region budget on 300 roubles. Some blogery for fun and write: With an initiative. The source of a covering of a budgeted deficit is found! To oblige all officials to break traffic regulations!