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Inspectors have presented eks - a gift to birthday

Investigating bodies have transferred to the mayor of Smolensk in court for consideration in essence the criminal case raised in the end of February concerning the former head of Smolensk of Edward Kachanovsky to which just 37 years today were executed. Having stopped to study the criminal case materials, accused has declared the petition for its consideration with participation of jurymen.

Kachanovsky it is accused of the commission of crime, provided ch. 3 items 30 in, g ch. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at bribe extortion in the large size). As confirms a consequence, it and the assistant to the head of Smolensk on municipal economy Valery Osipov demanded from the director of the building company 3 - room apartment in cost over 2 million roubles for delivery of permissions to commissioning constructed by this organisation of the house and shop. Main accused - Kachanovsky - during a consequence has had time to lose the status of the head of Smolensk as, having won elections in March, 2009, has not had time to stop enterprise activity in time. Osipov`s destiny has dared in August - the court has sentenced it to 2,5 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 3 years, having taken into consideration that circumstance that that recognised all charges brought in its address and actively co-operated with the investigation. Kachanovsky on - former it is held in custody and the fault does not recognise.

the Senior assistant to the chief of SOU SKP across the Smolensk region Natalia Homutova has informed also on excitation of criminal case upon a fake and use by officials of Open Company of KB Smolensk bank official documents (ch. 1,3 items 327 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) with which help attempt to create Kachanovsky false has been undertaken, under the consequence statement, an alibi. By words Homutovoj, on following after detention of officials day interested persons, trying to give visibilities of legality of acquisition Kachanovsky apartments, have issued transfer backdating more than 2 million roubles into the account of the building company in KB Open Company Smolensk bank . Besides, with a view of concealment of the given offence workers of bank have made changes to electronic system of bank operations and the documentary intrabank reporting. Later false documents as proofs of innocence Kachanovsky have been presented to mass-media.