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In Tolyatti 2 kindergartens have closed from - for possible infections of children with a dysentery

In 5 kindergartens of Tolyatti cases of an intestinal infection are fixed. Presumably at 27 suffered kids a dysentery.

doctors will put the Definitive diagnosis to children in some days when results of bacteriological research of analyses will be ready. According to the Tolyatti department of public health services, children were ill during the period from September, 9 till September, 10th. However the public knew about it only on Sunday - the city mayoralty has informed on the fact of infection of children in gardens of the Central area Tolyatti on the official portal. 5 kindergartens at first were called, but now gorzdrav speaks only about two in which mass cases of a poisoning are observed is 46 the Toy and 78 the Forget-me-not . Now 12 ill children with srednetjazheloj the disease form are hospitalised in City infectious hospital And 15 persons pass out-patient treatment, has informed a deputy head medical - preventive management on epidemiologii department of public health services of Tolyatti Oksana Chernova.

- the Age of ill children from two years till six years, - is told by her. - at the reference behind medical aid children showed complaints to rise in temperature to 39 º a belly-ache, a frequent liquid chair. Diseases proceed in forms easy and moderate severity level. Dynamics of a condition of children positive, treatment proceeds.

Now experts of Territorial department Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora in the Samara region spend to Tolyatti sanitary - epidemiological investigation of the reasons of group disease of children. Both gardens in which children were ill, are closed on quarantine.

Experts assume that the infection has been transferred through food. Earlier the mayoralty informed on the assumption of presence of an infection in sour-milk production. For an exception of its further distribution in all other preschool centres before finding-out of the reasons of food poisoning sour-milk production is excluded from a food allowance of children.

it is not excluded, as in other kindergartens of a city, experts will find out the same infection.

- For the present day on other kindergartens of the Central area also there are single instances of disease which also are traced and taken measures for an establishment of the reasons, - Oksana Chernova has added. The qualified medical aid appears all addressed and laboratory investigation for the purpose of activator revealing is carried.