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In Leningrad region mushrooms - mutants

the number of poisonings grows In woods of Leningrad region much later, than it occurs usually, mushrooms have gone. The reason - extremely hot summer.   veterans silent hunting remember that the similar picture was observed and in 1972 when all almost all the summer long the thermometer column too did not fall below a mark of 30 degrees of heat.

However the heat was reflected not only in occurrence terms, but also on mushrooms.   mushrooms - mutants which met, mainly, in the Central Russia earlier have grown. According to ecologists as rains was a little, a mushroom body swung water from strongly polluted soil. As a result an edible fungi, without changing almost outwardly, turned to a poisonous sponge.

And consequently it is no wonder that the number of poisonings has increased. According to given Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across St.-Petersburg, in a city it is already registered 20 suffered from a poisoning with the mushrooms, thus one person has died.

However, this year for fans of silent hunting wait in woods and other surprises. In places where mushrooms grew always, now it is not enough of them. Experts consider that in it are guilty   carried by in the summer on region destructive hurricanes.   having tumbled down hundreds trees, they have put   blow and on mushrooms. By the way, more all has suffered from elements revelry   Priozersk area which long since is famous   the mushroom places.

But gathering of mushrooms not casually name our national   a sport. When mushrooms go, nothing can keep inveterate mushroom pickers from a campaign in wood. Thus many of them neglect elementary safety measures. Only in a past week-end thirteen persons could not get out independently of wood. Fortunately, all unlucky mushroom pickers have come back home whole and safe: they were deduced from wood by rescuers.

But so happens no means always: every year during a mushroom season tens people vanish in woods of Leningrad region.