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In St.-Petersburg have initiated to create floating parkings for cars

If for cars there is no place in city streets, it is possible to use water space. The new decision of an automobile problem is offered by the Petersburg businessmen.

the Idea of creation of floating parkings belongs to Andrey Lushnikovu, the chairman of board of directors of the group of companies, specialising on commercial real estate. Has dawned upon it, certainly, in a stopper lasting many hours on one of the Petersburg quays. The quantity constructed here business - the centres obviously does not correspond to quantity of available parking spaces, cars occupy even sidewalks and lawns, Lushnikov explains. To hope for increase in parking it is not necessary, after all to find free earth for building of a new parking in city centre is unreal. Use of the rivers and channels can become a way out.

In a group of companies have developed the project of such parking. It represents a pontoon with jacks of rolling which allow to keep all time a platform in strictly horizontal position. By calculations of authors of the project, the floating parking can consist of several floors and contain from 100 to 300 cars that will essentially unload neighbouring court yard and streets. Thus the Petersburg architects should project a surface part of a construction so that it was organically entered in the city environment. Authors of the project even know, where floating parkings would be useful most of all: at stadium on Krestovsky island, on Sea quay of Vasilevsky island, at Sampsonievsky, Grenadierial and Kantemirovsky bridges. And in case of need such parking can be without effort moved to other part of a megacity.

- For example if in any area repair is made and the line is narrowed, it is possible to forward a parking there a little to unload road. They are convenient and for maintenance of large actions when it is required to create at once many parking spaces, - Andrey Lushnikov explains.

With technical realisation of the project of problems will not be, the businessman confirms. The Petersburg shipyards have already expressed the readiness to undertake manufacturing of floating parkings. To construct the first copy, it is required about one year, further business will go faster. On hundred mashinomest developers estimate volume of investments into parking approximately in 4 million dollars, to pay off expenses should through five - six years.

In the government of St.-Petersburg the project of floating parkings concern frostily: basically, the idea good, but hardly suits the centre of Northern capital. According to the chairman of committee on transportno - Nikolay Asaula`s transit policy, occurrence of additional parkings in city centre will create additional possibility for motor transport pulling . At the city authorities other idea of use of the rivers and channels - to develop carriages by water that finally too should unload the centre from cars.

Therefore and embodiment possibility in life of the offered project Nikolay Asaul considers exclusively from the point of view of its advantage for akvabusov . In particular, floating parkings could be united with places of final stops of river minibuses which have started to ply on Sankt - Peter burgu this year. In such kind they would become original alternative overland to the intercepting parkings constructed near terminal stations of the underground.

Despite some clashes of opinions with local authorities, authors of the project are assured that floating parkings will appear anyway - if not in Petersburg, in any other seaside city.

P. S.

It not the first original idea on the organisation of non-standard parkings in the centre of St.-Petersburg. Last year the city discussed the project on placing in especially problem places rotornyh roundabouts . Thus businessman Vladimir Rozhkov suggested to translate a parking from a horizontal plane in the vertical. Automatic parkings - roundabouts would contain sixteen cars, but would occupy thus only 30 square metres. Small horns even has found the investors, ready to finance this project, but business has not reached its realisation yet. The main problem - in term of rent of the earth. For parking places and parkings the ground areas are given in rent only for three years. It is twice less, than a prospective time of recovery of outlay.