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The authorities of St.-Petersburg have promised to construct a zoo in Juntolovsky zakaznike

For a new zoo the territory in 300 hectares, limited Glider, by Jahtennoj, Cane streets, small rivers Gluharka and Kamenka is taken away. It in 40 times more territories at walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress with which the zoo occupies now.

it was originally planned that animals can already move in Juntolovsky zakaznik in 2011, but the economic crisis has prevented. Now the project is defrozen - the committee on town-planning and committee on culture of Northern capital declared the international architectural competition on the concept (Master plan) a new zoo. The desire to participate was expressed by three companies - Spanish, French and Russian.

the Winner name on December, 21st. The bonus fund of competition makes 150 thousand the euro, full cost of realisation of the project is estimated in 7 - 9 billion roubles. According to the main architect of St.-Petersburg Yury Mitjureva, a part of expenses it is ready to incur the federal budget.

the New zoo should represent the uniform complex united by the general plan on the organisation of a landscape, a lay-out of routes, to placing of expositions of animals. Designers also should provide zones of rest, the educational activity, convenient routes for movement on territory of a zoo not only for visitors, but also technical workers.

- We participated in drawing up of the technical project for designers, - Tatyana Fedorishchenko has told the associate director on development of the Leningrad zoo. - the New zoo should be arranged by a principle of zoogeographical zones, taking into account landscapes of habitats of animals. The allocated site flat enough, besides is the lowered flooded district is too it will be necessary to consider.

the quarantine zone where there will pass adaptation of new animals is required to the New zoo. Plus a nursery zone where begin to settle out animal, including brought in the Red book, for the period of reproduction. It is important to provide protection against noise of the Western high-speed diameter which will pass in immediate proximity from zakaznika.

the New zoo should accept about 6,5 thousand animals and birds. In Juntolovo at last there will be elephants whom leningradtsy - Petersburgers did not see since 1975. It is planned to place here and other large animals - hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses who in a zoo too are not present for a long time.

It is planned that annually a menagerie in Juntolovo will visit 2 - 3 million person. Now to an old zoo comes only 650 thousand visitors a year. By the way, an old zoo too will keep. Here there will be a collection of small animals and the educational centre.

In the meantime

Against zoo building in Juntolovsky zakaznike ecologists categorically act. In their opinion, building threatens unique natural object. In particular, in Juntolovo grows voskovnik marsh which is brought in the Red book. The task a rare bush to keep is given designers.