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The Chelyabinsk governor alive the head of region has communicated to leaders blogerami region

About two hours answered any, including most inconvenient questions of authors LiveJournal .

the Main intrigue of a forthcoming meeting consisted that many blogery is regular and with pleasure criticise local authorities in general, and the governor in particular. And it is far not each head of region the Internet - spaces will risk on personal meeting with freedom-loving inhabitants.

Michael Jurevicha`s Dialogue with popular authors in region ZHZH   passed in informal conditions - behind a cup of tea with sweets. To a meeting have invited 20 persons, has come 17. Most otvjaznyh blogerov which are rude or write insults, did not begin to call.   but that who criticises the power, without falling to curses, the invitation has been sent.

the Initiator of an unusual meeting was the governor who does not hide the love to modern information technology and recently too has got the LiveJournal . In it - that he also has suggested to collect for the first time in real the most active authors ZHZH.   the Idea has found the big response in a blog sphere. To this message of Jurevicha was more than 400 comments - it has more appeared only under a post about an attack on fate - festival the Tornado .

The reputation of people which do not recognise authorities and behind a word in a pocket do not climb, authors ZHZH have confirmed at the very beginning of a meeting. First of all they have asked the governor to comment on hearings about presence at Jurevicha … own yacht in Italy.

- Yachts at me are not present, never did not float at all on a such vessel, - the head of region has answered. - and in Italy, I will not hide, was some times and I like to have a rest there …

One more Tricky the question actively discussed in a blog sphere, concerned intentions of the regional authorities to buy not cheap multipurpose helicopter for emergency transportation of patients, suppressions of forest fires and a departure of the head of region in territory. Michael Jurevich has explained that the aircraft will be got in a dale with the private investor at whom will be in constant using.   in case of need, the regional authorities will have a right of use of helicopter.

Following a hot theme mentioned in conversation   the governor with blogerami - about intention of the regional authorities to lay a new transport highway which urged to unload the important road passing through the centre of Chelyabinsk.   the line part is planned to construct   around a city pine forest. Local oppositionists draw a parallel with a situation round the Khimki wood. Michael Jurevich has promised that during building of new road will not cut down a pine.

- the Highway will pass along a city beach, there, where now a country road, - the governor has specified. - in Himkah I will not admit any analogy to a situation.

According to Jurevicha,   the transport problem in Chelyabinsk becomes every year all more sharply. And when cars becomes more and more, a problem of jams expansion of old highways not to solve any more.

For more than one and a half hour meeting of Jurevicha had time to ask practically about all sensitive issues socially - political life of region, from   state of emergency on fate - festival the Tornado to elections and two-headed control systems of municipalities.   Internet users prospects of development of a municipal transportation of Chelyabinsk and the local airport, possibility of occurrence in the field of hypermarket IKEA,   also interested; Relations with the former governor Peter Sumin. The head of region has told blogeram with what reading of mass-media its morning begins and that he thinks about modern Russian football. The governor fairly admitted, what not always personally writes the blog, and often dictates the thoughts to assistants who execute a technical part . Michael Jurevich   also has complained that owing to employment has no possibility more actively to be present in the Internet - space. otherwise would be not the governor, and blogerom - it has joked.

On responses of authors LiveJournal as a whole the meeting with the governor has impressed them favourably. Blogery have estimated relaxedness, frankness of the head of region, the aspiration is given reason to state the point of view.   authors LiveJournal also have noted absence at the head of region of nervousness and snobbery at answers on most Inconvenient questions.   are happy with informal dialogue there were also organizers of a meeting.

- Michael Jurevich has not left any question without the answer, - it is marked in the communique of a governor`s site. - and interest with which blogery asked the head of region about various things exciting them, allows to assume that both parties structurally and have spent time with advantage.