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Andrey Jasko: Habitation under the program of a social mortgage we plan to build all five next years

this week Tatarstan the first of the Russian regions will present in Moscow the project of the target program housing construction Development in Republic Tatarstan in 2011 - 2015 developed within the limits of FTSP Dwelling . It is supposed that for five years annual input of habitation in region will increase to 2 million 800 thousand square metres. How in republic expect to solve a problem of availability of habitation - in interview to the deputy minister of building, architecture and housing and communal services RT Andrey Jasko.

: Andrey Dzhonovich, that throughout last years Tatarstan builds more than many Russian regions, we are obliged to the program of a social mortgage. It is logical to assume, what exactly this project becomes the building locomotive on the nearest five-years period …

Andrey Jasko: We really consider the program of a social mortgage as one of priority directions of development of housing construction in republic. But, it is not excluded that volumes of input of habitation can be reduced. It is connected not only with the crisis phenomena in economy. Increasing impetuously volumes of input concerning cheap habitation, we break the commercial market. Not a secret that a part of people which could improve living conditions at the expense of personal and proceeds of credit, stand in a queue on apartment on a social mortgage. This turn constantly grows, to stop this process difficult enough, in the course of time does not become less. Then, as though we did not want, but the part of the habitation constructed on sotsipoteke, leaves on the secondary market. There is the negative tendency connected with growth of a social dependence. Finally all it leads to decrease in appeal of commercial building, as well as business as a whole. And our primary goal - to balance supply and demand in the housing construction market.

Besides to keep the low price for apartments taking into account economic realities begins difficultly enough. After all the cost price of building and sotsipotechnogo, and commercial habitation the identical. It was possible to keep low cost of square metre because the earths under buildings and communications were free.

RG: If volumes under habitation building on a social mortgage will be reduced, it is not absolutely clear, how is planned to provide availability of habitation?

Jasko: Habitation under the program of a social mortgage, let and in other volumes, we plan to build all five next years. Besides, within the limits of this project we plan to introduce the mechanism of granting of habitation on social hiring to those citizens who consist on the account on improvement of living conditions, but cannot become participants of mortgage programs and apply for budgetary grants. For this purpose in a limit of a five-percentage share from volumes of input of habitation on a social mortgage in republic the municipal maneuverable fund of habitation will be formed.

the Price of square metre in many respects depends on cost of the ground area and its security engineering networks. At us within the limits of the national project Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia the big reserves, in particular, in Naberezhnye Chelny have been made. But on the majority of settlements we have settled possibilities on a municipal infrastructure for development of sites under building in a mode of dot building. Big enough complexities with building of communications in rural areas. It demands huge investments from local budgets and the small municipal enterprises rendering services in rural settlements. In my opinion, the offer of Minregionrazvitija of Russia to build engineering networks at the expense of investment programs of service providers which in the subsequent will receive the guaranteed sale in the name of constant consumers, not undoubtedly. Thus it is supposed that there should be any support in a part of decrease and interest rate indemnification on long to credits. But the problem is entirely shifted on regions. It very much disturbs us. Because we considered that the federal budget will incur any part of loading.

the new form of carrying out of competitions on granting of the earths under building Besides, is conceptually offered. It is provided that the site with definition of type of building is exposed on auction. The winner will be the one who will declare the maximum exit of habitation the house-keeper - a class at the minimum cost of square metre. Idea beautiful but who will prepare sites, for what account of sources of financing?

This weak place and we, developing the program, have faced the big complexities.

RG: And where it is supposed to build habitation? In Kazan, for example, there are no free platforms …

Jasko: We intend to develop city agglomerations, round Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk. There are the most prepare on networks and roads of a platform and the most important thing - is solvent demand. In rural area we plan to build sotsipotechnye and individual apartment houses. The people, wishing to construct the house at own expense, it is a lot of. From the state it is required to create it the minimum conditions - to give the earth, it is free better, and at least minimum to help them regarding site maintenance with engineering networks. It is necessary to think over the support mechanism.

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to Familiarize with the full text of the program of development of housing construction it is possible on a site in section Building . Interested persons can send the responses by e-mail: unp_sukhov@mail. ru or to place them in a blog the minister of building, architecture and housing and communal services of RT Marata Husnullina.