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Russian roulette - 2010: jumps from height on a climbing rope

dress You in special equipment so as if you go to submit the Everest. Then bring to the edge of the bridge or a roof, tenderly lull words all will be good also present with a fait accompli - jump.

Roupdzhamping are jumps from height on a climbing rope. Madly, desperately and very well. For fans of an extreme it is one of the most inexpensive and safe kinds of active sports. Certainly, if the trajectory and a rope tension are calculated correctly.

- When I have decided to participate for the first time in roupdzhampinge, to me it was very terrible. I understood that around professionals, live and healthy - the indirect demonstration of that, possibly, and I will survive, - Lena tells, which itself recently was fond of an extreme. - I constantly asked children to wait even a minute. now - now I will jump. No, minute yet has not passed! - I repeated, but my hands tightly compressed a bridge border. Minutes twenty I listened to soothing speeches of the instructor. He continually repeated: be not afraid, the first time always terribly, only unclench hands... and I persistently tormented the bridge, without wishing to let out it from the embraces. Eventually the instructor has taken pity. It took me for hands and with the disappointed kind has drawn to itself. I knew that spasovala, and was improbably happy about a second. And in following already flied downwards and mentally damned it on all area.

Roupdzhamping has appeared in the end of 80 - h, Dan Osman became the founding father of all this madness known ekstremal. It began as the rock-climber and the purpose put overcoming of fear at the expense of the fear. In other words, Dan tried to learn to supervise those feelings which tested at falling. He trusted: if to force itself to fall deliberately, it is possible to develop certain immunity and lazat without fear to fall. Unfortunately, when the Osmanli Turk once again checked the method on durability, it was lost, having broken from height approximately in 340 metres.

Dan Osman became a legend, and the idea remained to live. Its followers are almost in each Russian city.

- Many say that feel sensation of freedom which is natural during flight. Well and so. freedom there also does not smell - you cling to a rope almost teeth, that is in any degree it mini - the feat, instead of simply weeds for the sake of ephemeral feeling of a freedom, - tells Sasha who knows about what speaks as made this feat many times. She jumped not only from bridges situated near Moscow, but also from high-rise buildings, thus the first flight it has made being engaged roupdzhampingom. - to Jump with a parachute to me it seemed banal, and strashnovato for the first experience. bandzhidzhamping in general inspires sacred horror is to jump, when at you feet are fixed only!

Roupdzhamping, or in translation into Russian the jump with a rope, is not considered in the most dangerous way to finish fear of height. There are still parachute jumps and bandzhi - dzhamping which so is afraid of Sasha.

- To roupu I have come not at once. At first was fond lazaniem on roofs and other hard-to-reach spots. Roupdzhamping simply became logic continuation of researches of and the world, - Sasha admits. - But, to tell the truth, the first time was gave to me hardly. The matter is that when you stand below, the jump seems trifling matter. Probably, on - to it I have safely allowed to dress up myself in climbing equipment and a crackling pace have walked upward to the bridge which, by the way, in height was approximately about a seven-story building. But, having looked downwards, I have understood that... That it is better to climb down. Born to creep cannot fly! In general, I stood on the bridge of minutes 15 and, shivering with fear, reflected on the eternal. As a result of me has induced on solving step the following. One of skilled has told to me: If you, standing now, already ready to a jump, slezesh also you will not jump, you will not forgive yourself it never . And I have jumped...

you when - nibud fell in the sleep? Here in the same way. But while you fly, one and a half second turn to ten minutes, you do not understand, whether heart fights at you, whether you and where in general you are breathe. And then, when the rope stretches to a limit, endure the second wave - you pulls upwards - free flight, and you are simply shaken, as on tarzanke. And here only then you can already shout, shout and realise the body.

Roupdzhamping is not forbidden, as well as bandzhidzhamping, and with them and other similar kinds by definition of extreme activity. A question only in a place where it is offered to jump. In private territory, on protected objects, apartment houses, nature sanctuaries and stories, naturally, can arise problems with militia. Basically jumpers live in the country. There under bridges not brisk road, and small river, and with militia if it is necessary, it is possible to agree.

For today of fans to jump off from bridges and it is a lot of high-rise buildings. Often roupdzhampery gather in sports clubs or clubs for climbers, rock-climbers. Everyone who courageously enough and weighs less than 100 can try - 140 kgs are a safety issue. As to cost of such entertainment it, as a rule, is not high. One jump will manage nearby 250 - 500 roubles, but basically this business contractual.

- From the point of view of psychophysiology there are some reasons why people dare at jumps from high-rise objects, - the psychologist Olga Mahovsky explains. - In - the first, this aspiration to risk, desire to pass legal border to understand a limit of the possibilities. In - the second, it is bent for to adrenaline. Flight, start up and lasting some seconds, gives to an organism a powerful charge of pleasure, adrenaline. Having tried it is time, the person, quite naturally, can want still. Well and besides, at the expense of such desperate act many escape from a neurosis. People that is called, lower steam, splash out emotions.

to Jump downwards from the big height it it is dangerous, though from the technical point of view much can suggest otherwise. It is similar to Russian roulette when the outcome is not known for certain. Many decide to jump simply so, at random. For them it as an occasion to descend for the hero, though also absolutely useless for associates. It as life philosophy. However it has also an underside - dependence. Inflow of adrenaline which comes after a jump, can eclipse other desires. The man can need these sensations more than in the woman.