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Sergey Stepashin: the Wood code is necessary for correcting

Now Audit Chamber checks, how to regions allocate and as they spend federal money for fire-fighting and to the aid pogoreltsam. C the milliard.

On the Business breakfast in the chairman of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Stepashin has told that have shown the first results of checks and why it is necessary to correct urgently the Wood code together with the law on state purchases.

: Sergey Vadimovich, probably, is not enough to find out that money reaches in time regions and is correctly spent. It is necessary severe enough analysis of flights of abnormal summer. What here the Audit Chamber role?

Sergey Stepashin: We cannot substitute Investigatory committee, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the government which will state a professional estimation to actions of concrete officials, to how suppression of fires has been organised, whether precautionary measures were taken.

Our problem - to check up that budgetary funds which go on liquidation of consequences of fires, have arrived to destination. Also have reached each person, to each house, to each village, to each hospital. Since August the Audit Chamber constantly spends such checks. Already there are preliminary results. Money goes, anywhere delays have not occurred, we have not revealed scandalous things of larceny. In October we will spend a special videoconference with regions where the emergency situation has been declared. We will invite heads of local authorities, controllers, heads of Legislative Assemblies. And in the beginning of November my report to the president of Russia is planned following the results of firemen checks.

RG: you only report conditions or plan to offer the variants of the decision of problems?

Stepashin: the Audit Chamber is never limited to ascertaining of the facts. We analyze the results received during checks, we do conclusions. Certainly, and this time we will formulate a number of specific proposals.

RG: For example?

Stepashin: In - the first, our offers will concern necessity of change of system of financing of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. During checks we left on one strange fact: annual expenses on fire-prevention safety with 2005 for 2010 have increased, and the quantity of technics which is at the disposal of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, has decreased. Most likely, it is connected with write-off of old technics and process of its transfer on balance of subjects of Federation. Today a hardware question - number one.

In - the second. We about one and a half years ago offered the government, and it us, I will notice, has supported, to return to that vertical of fire-prevention protection which was when the service was in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And when all it has been subordinated to the minister: from area and municipality to the federal centre. It was the federal service. By the way, as well as in imperial Russia. And now powers of a fire service are transferred municipalities. Financially - financial maintenance - rather weak. Voluntary fire teams have died. So we will recommend to analyse structure attentively once again. It not absolutely our question. But it directly is connected with efficiency of budgetary expenses.

And in - the third about what now speak, this perfection of the Wood code much. Here I am not original. In due time the Audit Chamber had been prepared the conclusion on nowadays existing Wood code where we is reflected enough hard line. We have openly opposed that many functions on wood protection have been transferred in regions and municipalities. Us have not heard. It does not mean that if those have now remained 70 thousand forest wardens that were earlier they all would extinguish. But abundantly clear that today it is necessary to create other structure.

RG: It is known that competitions on rendering of services on pozharotusheniju quite often won the companies at which only and was on hand - a bucket yes a hook. After hot summer - 2010 it is possible to hope, what at last - that it will be corrected for a long time and hotly criticised law on placing of orders for deliveries of the goods, performance of works, rendering of services for the state and municipal needs?

Stepashin: the Idea of the law was quite good - at state order placing to leave from corruption, to make any competitive procedures transparent, to get rid of swindlers. But, unfortunately, that has turned out has turned out. Amendments to the law are ready, they do not leave to firms - to a something ephemeral of chances of a victory in the competitive auctions. Ministry of economic development and trade has made very interesting proposal: firms, the organisations which leave on competitions, should give a bank guarantee that they financially well-founded. Only after that they will get the admission to the auctions. As you understand, any bank to firm - a something ephemeral, to the swindler such guarantee will not give.

One more amendment concerns the judicial disputes connected with unfair participants of competition. For example, the firm has won competition, and the obligations has not executed. The customer is in that case compelled to bring an action. Trial is stretched on 3 - 4 months, and even for a year. Amendments limit term of consideration of such affairs in Arbitration court one month.

If these two amendments will be accepted, the law absolutely on - to another will earn. Many questions will be removed. In the near future I plan to act in the State Duma with the conclusion under the budget of 2009. In my report there will be the whole section devoted to this theme.