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America has noted anniversary of the most terrible acts of terrorism in the history

America once again has noted anniversary of the most terrible acts of terrorism in the history, carried away lives almost 3 thousand citizens of the USA and several more tens countries. As well as in previous years, this mourning day for the USA all victims from hands of terrorists people have been by name named, but from former unity of Americans in the face of the general trouble, seemingly, a little that remains.

Four minutes of the general silence - on one in memory of the moments, when stolen by terrorists Al - Kaidy planes have rammed the first and second towers of the World shopping centre, and then during a collapse of towers - twins - have hung in heavy atmosphere on Groud Zero. To read names of all victims at attack of terrorists on VTTS its employees, fire, police and usual citizens to relatives of victims of terrible act of terrorism, it was required more than 3 hours. And in three hours after the termination of mourning ceremony from the moment of a unification of the nation in the next anniversary of its heartrending experience does not remain also a trace - the central streets have filled holding a meeting pro and contra plans on erection in immediate proximity from a place of tragedy of the Islamic cultural centre. there is no mosque! scanned about one and a half thousand persons opposite to a place where building " is planned; object pretknovenija while on other party of street about thousand active workers held posters with slogans Attack to Islam is a racism! .

meanwhile the unity attacked by terrorists the nations became 9 years ago a leitmotif of performance of US president Barack Obama at massive walls of the Pentagon about which terrorists managed to break the third passenger liner grasped on September, 11th, 2001. Those who has made this deed of horror, possibly, wanted to kindle the conflict between various religions but as Americans - we never were at war and we will not be at war with Islam. We that September day were attacked not by religion, and Al - Kaida a small group of the people who have perverted concept of religion - the American leader has declared.

the Spouse of the president Michel Obama also has not stood aside from mourning actions and has visited near to the city of Shanksvill in the State of Pennsylvania a wreck place flight 93 - the fourth boards stolen by terrorists and intending for tarana the congress of the USA or the White house. Actions of passengers of this plane which, according to the investigation, have managed to prevent to realise to terrorists their destructive plans, are considered as a civic courage and patriotism example in the USA. Symbolism to this action has added visit of former first lady Lory Bush which together with Michel Obama has met families of victims in this accident and has paid a tribute of memory to victims of acts of terrorism 9/ 11.

next year - by tenth anniversary of tragical events US authorities promise to finish a construction of a grandiose memorial on a place of the failed towers - twins in New York.


Two priests in American state Tennessee all - taki have burnt on September, 11th on the Koran copy in spite of the fact that the Florida pastor Terri Johns, earlier intending to betray to public defilement the sacred book of Islam, has undergone to general condemnation and has refused the plans. On Thursday to the pastor the head of the Pentagon Robert Gates has addressed and has asked it to be receded from these intentions which can provoke acts of terrorism and threaten lives of many Americans. Johns has met. Nevertheless on Saturday two priests all - taki have burnt on a copy of the Koran at themselves in a court yard near to the city of Nashville.