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Lyudmila Shvetsovu have awarded with Stanislavsky`s award

Yesterday Stanislavsky`s honourable award for theatrical art support Lyudmila Shvetsova is awarded.

With this prestigious international theatrical award it accepted congratulations among other winners. The director, the professor of the HOST Evgenie Kamenkovich have been noted by Stanislavsky`s award for the contribution to development of theatrical pedagogics . The actor of Vahtangovsky theatre and the Russian cinema Sergey Makovetsky has received an award for a role of Vojnitsky Rimasa Tuminasa in performance Uncle Vanja the State academic theatre of Evg. Vahtangova. Actress MHT of Chekhov Olga Jakovleva is noted for a cycle of roles of Russian classics . The Art director of Formal theatre Andrey Moguchy has won a nomination art of the director for director`s works of last years: Ivany on N. Century To Gogol at Aleksandrinsky theatre and Between a dog and a wolf under the novel of Sashi of Sokolov at Formal theatre. For the contribution to development of the Russian theatre the ballet dancer, the ballet master, teacher Vladimir Vasilev and the art director of theatre " are awarded; Lenkom Mark Zaharov. For the contribution to development of world theatre Stanislavsky`s award was received by the Polish director Christian Ljupa. By the best performance of a Chekhovian anniversary season has been named vahtangovsky Uncle Vanja Rimasa Tuminasa. In a nomination Theatrical business the best had been recognised the project Young directors - to children directors RAMTa Any Vladislav Viktorovicha. And in a nomination Theater science honour to receive Stanislavsky`s award has been rendered the doctor of art criticism, the head of department of theatre of the State institute of Art Studies and the laboratory chief on studying of a creative heritage of Evg. Vahtangova at Theatrical institute of B.Schukin Vladislav Ivanov.

In such representative theatrical company the assistant to the mayor of Moscow Lyudmila Shvetsova was that is called, the - both winners, and many Moscow theatrical (and it is necessary to be objective and to take wider - in general cultural) figures and the whole theatres know what to be under its protection was already in itself both an honourable award, and the privilege. Therefore when has come to celebrate time Lyudmila Ivanovnu Shvetsovu for the theatrical merits, many have made it with the great pleasure and sincere gratitude.

direct speech

Alexander Shirvindt ,   the art director of Theatre of satire:

- To Lyudmila Ivanovne Shvetsovoj at me purely human unusual sympathy. The matter is that one of these days it is executed ten years as I sit in an armchair of the chief (the art director of Theatre of satire. - a comment red.), and has provoked, has persuaded and has humoured me to this Golgotha Shvetsova. And also I should publish that she is a schoolgirl of my late brother, and always we with it remember it with warmth. Then it really charming woman and the wise, thin head. And that for ten years I of anything never begged her, speaks about disinterestedness of my love.