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Policemen will check up on special psychophysiological devices

Transition of structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from militia in police will occur only after total certification of all employees. It is already known, begin that to check carefully, it is possible to tell, meticulously.

Personnel officers and counterspies will interest not only the facts of the biography and a circle of acquaintances - a pier, whether it is noticed in the company with criminal authority. Will study and, so to say, private world of the future policeman - whether sincerely it intends to serve a society, whether there are no criminal or sadistic bents and many other things.

to climb in another`s thoughts and even subconsciousness, technical possibilities are available - yesterday in Moscow the converted Center socially - psychological and special psychophysiological researches of employees of department of personnel maintenance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has opened. The centre have opened after reconstruction and technological modernisation.

the Deputy minister of internal affairs Sergey Gerasims has told to the correspondent that here will not only reveal and eliminate unsuitable for service in police of people, but also to render to employees the necessary psychological help. Moreover, now the accent of work, according to the deputy minister, will become on conformity of behaviour of employees morally - to ethical standards.

- In practice of militian or police work decrease in moral requirements is categorically inadmissible, - Sergey Gerasims considers. - all of us know examples of unworthy behaviour of guards revolting a society. Attraction by the centre of experts of this area is directed on excluding similar displays. Centre work is aimed at the main result: that all system of psychological work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia became the presents the filter on a way of the persons who are not approaching on psychological and morally - to ethical qualities for service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Specificity of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, high physical and psychological loadings on employees of department occurrence of stress and considerable nervously - mental pressure are at the bottom. It is clear that constant dialogue with representatives of the criminal world of sincere clemency do not add. But at the same time employees work and with usual, legislative people. And here is necessary not only readiness to come to the rescue, but also elementary politeness, a step, a correctness, keenness, special attention to those who has got to a trouble, needs the help. For this reason, according to Sergey Gerasimov, it is important not only careful psychological selection of employees, but also their antistressful preparation, the further psychological support, and if necessary - rehabilitation.

Than particularly the updated centre should be engaged? As Sergey Gerasims has told, first of all here will be studied and be supported profoundly psychophysical potential of militiamen, and in the future of policemen. First of all - the higher administrative board.

the analysis of professional work and psychological inspection of officers and generals for selection of candidates on a post of the nomenclature of the president and the Minister of Internal Affairs Will be conducted, to be estimated personal competence of possible heads, their reliability, professionalism, moral and anticorruption stability. Diagnostics morally - psychological stability of those employees who has the right to constant carrying and storage of a government-issue weapon and special means is especially important.

But will survey not only separate militiamen. Researches of the whole collectives are planned.

That is monitoring of a condition of staff and moral atmosphere in divisions will be conducted.

Certainly, without the newest scientific achievements such system not to create. In the centre there is a working out and introduction of the newest psychological technologies, approbation and use of the new equipment and techniques. As a matter of fact, the militian centre became innovative institute where opening of scientists will put into practice.

These opening are embodied that is called, in gland . For example, the device MPM - it is hardware - a program psychodiagnostic complex. Sergey Gerasims has explained that it carries out a wide spectrum of the techniques, allowing to estimate motivation and requirements of the person, personal features, mental abilities of the person, even its psychomotor, nejrodinamicheskie, sensorno - pertseptivnye and other characteristics.

Or the device of bioresonant psychodiagnostics and correction IMEDIS - the EXPERT . He solves problems of psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection of psychophysical potential of employees. And correction is carried out including by means of the real physics - elektro - magnito - and svetopsihokorrektsii. There are even the devices, capable to define the maintenance in an organism of drugs. And without traditional medical analyses.

Certainly, there are also polygraphs. In the centre some models of lie detectors. Is intended for the general expert inspection, and there are also special workings out - for special office investigations and personnel checks.