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In Moscow it is revealed 1500 bottlenecks from - for which there are stoppers

having declared war to the stoppers, the new mayor of Moscow here reveals two weeks on capital highways bottlenecks from - for which jams are formed.

Now in it the black list is such 1500 places. Road buildings among them take a special place.

According to Sergey Sobjanina, transport building in a city should be more scale: the next year it is planned on all roads of Moscow to allocate 34 billion roubles. I do not agree with it. I consider that in the budget should be at least 100 billion on these purposes . Otherwise Moscow will stop the development and will begin the dying . That is why the city authorities now reconsider again the budget project - 2011, already accepted in the first reading gordumoj.

If additional means will be found, buildings which are already conducted in capital, it will be possible to finish faster. After all the majority of them, except the Fourth transport ring and Alabjano - the Baltic tunnel on Leningradke as the head of department dorozhno - bridge and engineering building Alexander Levchenko has told to the correspondent, are already on a home straight.

forward stroke Building on Zvenigorodsky highway is planned to open till the end of current year.

Those buildings, which else will proceed or only will be put, too should not complicate and without that an intense situation on capital highways, the mayor considers.

it would Seem, and how differently? If the foundation ditch is dug, means, the habitual road will be blocked. But the detour should be thus constructed so that automobile owners all - taki did not get to jams!

so the mayor has raised the question, having visited on the area of the Tver Outpost for a long time tightened by a building grid.

Under the schedule genpodrjadchik till the end of the year should finish there a rerun of engineering communications and at once begin a construction of an underground complex, - Alexander Levchenko has explained to the correspondent. - That is the area will dig out even more. But we should keep for transport of lanes not less, than is available now, and for pedestrians to provide enough of pedestrian crossings . The computer model developed together with traffic police, shows that it is quite real .

Henceforth to authorise only for the most minimum terms for conducting repair work on roads - the mayor from head of a complex of municipal economy Peter Birjukova has demanded.

Besides, near buildings there should not be heaps of garbage, holes, earthen heaps and other obstacles in a way of cars. It is watched strictly by city inspections, and the mayor has promised to inspect a condition of capital roads regularly.

By the way

Within the next few days in Moscow the pulling down " will begin; a self-system (the shops which have independently arisen along many capital roads). Capital mayor Sergey Sobjanin has informed On it.

As it was found out, approximately 600 pavilions and stalls it is erected without the permission of Moskomarhitektury. They became a real hindrance to expansion of lines. And consequently will be taken down.

In the program of the initial measures, called to release Moscow from stoppers, will enter both elimination of bottlenecks, and a self-system pulling down, and creation of road outcomes, congresses, radiuses zakruglenija.

the Scheme of the biggest roadwork in a city