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Inhabitants DFO do not wish to insure property against acts of nature

In region from four to 20 percent the number of inhabitants which do not plan to use the insurance companies has increased. Why so occurs, correspondents found out.

the New concept

In Priamure modernise insurance system. In 2010 the area government has asserted the concept of changes in this field of activity that should create favorable conditions for development of the market of modern insurance services.

In July, 2007 from - for dumps from the water basin of Zejsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION overflowed after long downpours, apartment houses in the city of Zeya, and also in five villages of area have been impounded. Rescuers evacuated almost 500 persons, about 80 families have lost habitation. As a result of flooding roads, bridges, heating mains, water waters have been damaged. Only a month later water has left the impounded houses. The damage has made 630 million roubles. To the suffered families the area government has allocated more than five thousand square metres of habitation for what the federal budget has given almost 109 million roubles. As it was found out, the property of any of the suffered families has not been insured.

the Main reason of that amurchane prefer not to resort to insurance services - their high cost, and also mistrust to the companies, their rendering. Relative density of voluntary insurance in Priamure makes today hardly more than 16 percent.

in the Spring in Yakutia 2439 house economy have suffered from a high water in different degree

Developers of the concept explain that now in area will involve means of the insurance companies for financing of the actions reducing probability of approach of insurance events at the enterprises of area, investment of means of the companies in bills, actions and shares in authorised capital stocks of the enterprises - objects of investments will begin. Also plan to involve means of insurers in securities of the Amur region.

According to inspection of insurance supervision on DFO, in the insurance market of the Amur region 33 companies, from them two local and 31 branch - the organisations of other regions today work. Awards by voluntary kinds of insurance make nine percent. In 2010 from voluntary kinds of insurance on - former develops property - 3,7 percent of the collected awards, and personal insurance - 4,6 percent.

the Budget on secure

In Yakutia almost annually during an ice drift some settlements appear under water. And always the lion`s share of expenses for restoration of the destroyed lays down on the republican budget. In 2008 on these purposes has left about billion roubles, in present - more than billion. State expenses could be less if people insured the houses, belongings and agricultural living creatures. But the culture of insurance of property from acts of nature in republic while is very low.

Partly it is connected by that rather poor countrymen who have nothing to pay the insurance, as a rule, suffer from a high water. Other, widespread enough point of view was expressed in this respect by one of deputies of the State meeting of Yakutia during discussion of financial consequences of flooding: people have simply got used to that the state will not leave them in a trouble, and the help from it will be vesomee, rather than payments of the insurance company.

And it is valid so. Past spring 2439 house economy have suffered from a high water in different degree. At the expense of budgetary funds restored apartment houses, allocated housing certificates, bought building materials, got property in replacements of the lost. At the same time in the large insurance company from the population 65 statements have arrived only.

Carelessness of people, their hope at random at times get grotesque character. In the past spring when it became clear that a number has sat down in Namsky uluse in a near time it will appear under the water, some inhabitants have refused to drive away not insured cattle in safe places. And even wrote receipts that leave cows on farmsteads under the private responsibility. But then, when these cows have frozen in ice water, about “ a private responsibility “ already nobody remembered - about 1200 goals of the lost cattle belonging to the population has been replaced for the budgetary account.

the State will help us

As the statistics testifies, volumes of insurance of property risks grow every year in Khabarovsk territory on seven - ten percent. However such optimistical figures cannot mislead economists.

  - In - the first, the prices for the goods and services that finds reflexion in insurance cost of property have grown also policy cost, accordingly, increases, - the chief specialist of department of a financial infrastructure of management of the summary analysis and forecasting minekonomrazvitija and external relations of edge Marina Pravaja speaks. - in - the second, people more often steels to use credits (a car, mortgage), and they demand as a guarantee of presence of insurance support.

But more often people, especially in depressive areas, simply do not have money for paying the insurance. The companies registered in territory of edge, in 2009 have collected 23,62 million roubles of awards under contracts of insurance of property of citizens is for 13,4 percent below level of 2008 and all half-percent from a total sum of payments.

Besides, the motivation of insurance of property can be absent from - that the solution of a problem on restoration of the damage caused as a result of a fire, explosion of household gas, flooding, incurs the state. In 2009 in the city of Amurske after gas explosion in an apartment house the regional budget has allocated for liquidation of consequences over ten millions roubles. Though even more often it is possible to hear opinion of experts that the state should not bear to the full responsibility in case of large technological failures and acts of nature. Insurance on a case of  destruction of property as a result of acts of nature is included into a typical package of risks on insurance of property of physical persons. But thus event should possess signs of probability and accident of its approach. That is, if as a result of high waters the house accurately podtaplivaetsja throughout several years, insurers, most likely, enter a temporary restriction on carrying out of operations in this area. Or the tariff component of cost of the contract will appear so high that the insurer in a moment will decide not to become that.