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The inhabitant of the Volgograd region has created in the farm Noev an ark

Each creature on Svetlana Ziminoj`s private court yard in farm Don at all on steam.

Herd in forty horses, two ten Russian fleet and some the sentry dogs, three wolves, three foxes are for work, and not to count peacocks, cocks, hens, ducks, geese, rabbits... There is even a couple of exotic doggies - babes of a chihuahua and absolutely bald cat - a sphinx.

And this history with tens years ago when doctors have put to the radical townswoman, the graduate of the Volgograd agricultural institute, a cruel sentence - still couple of years has begun, and it will appear chained to an invalid carriage. But Zimin, having disobeyed doctors, has decided to cure itself. Having sold apartment, the woman with a small daughter has got over in village, on fresh air.

At first it, the livestock specialist by training and konevod on calling has bought three thoroughbred horses for vyezdki. And where horses, there and dogs the hunting, Russian fleet. Behind them has adopted wolves, then to steam of foxes it is literally on road has picked up. Now is on whom of dogs to train.

Ourselves observed: animals obey to Zimin as the leader. It is clear, when dogs rush towards to the mistress coming into an open-air cage. But after all and wolves meet her as native, and lick on - shchenjachi. And even innocent at first sight a cock, obeying Svetlana`s voice, leaves a shed to it towards and on command comes back to a place.

- In each animal flight I have assistants. In herd an officer racer the Black Swan, in the dog rack of a bough the Little bird, - explains Zimin alignment of forces in the big economy with which copes practically alone, by means of one constant and two coming assistants.

the Schedule at the farmer the severe. Lifting at half past six mornings, and then incessant till the evening krugovert - a forage to set, cages to clean, herd vypasti, dogs to bring.

Daily work in the open air has not left traces from serious illness, which strashchali the doctor. In fifty high statnaja kazachka Svetlana Zimin will give odds to any forty-year townswoman that at office near the computer spends the day - spends the night.

- Work with each new member of our menagerie it is begun with a head that the animal trusted us, and we - to it. At first we correct to animals mentality, and then a body we heal, if there is such necessity, - Svetlana explains the educational methods.

the Favourite of the, Black Swan Zimin has bought on konezavode at below cost price. At a racer the hind leg has been seriously damaged. The horse did not trust people, shunned, did not obey. But on a farm it have cured, and now it molodtsevato skips on the Don steppes.

And the history of a she-wolf of Manechki quite suits shootings television Club of the thrown wives . While she lived with a wolf in one cage, was getting thin, bare, eternally bitten and hungry. And as one remained (a wolf it was necessary to shoot down - has lifted a paw on itself to Zimin) so has blossomed - sides thick, wool on the sun shines.

Townspeople quite often come to Ziminoj to admire a strange zoo. Hunters and konezavodchiki from all Russia in Svetlana Nikolaevny`s economy too frequent visitors - come not only behind consultations, but also to get the thoroughbred copies of fleet dogs deduced by Ziminoj and horses. And here fellows villager among whom very few people holds on a court yard of more than ten beasts, by words Ziminoj, do not divide its hobby. As it quite often happens in Russia, dislike those who has risen, allocated from crowd. And local authorities instead of is proud of such bait for tourists, stick time insert into wheels. That poselkovaja the thought will develop unprecedented hitherto position about restriction of quantity of animals on farmsteads depending on the area, under which economy Ziminoj, clear business, does not approach. That the regional authorities without assigning any reasons will refuse to it earth allocation in the neighbourhood. The second year on goes, more truly, there goes by the worldly-wise seven the Volgograd amazon to receive at last this earth and to open konno - sports school. After all from it the Gorodishchensky area only will win. But why - that officials of this simple logic do not understand.