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In Maikop 16 - 17 - summer children have managed to generate a social portrait of city microdistrict

All for a month 16 - 17 - summer children have managed to generate a social portrait of city microdistrict of Maikop.

Zam under complaints

Temporarily to replace with schoolboys and students of the high-ranking state employees last years in the Russian regions it became fashionable. Certainly, similar change of the power is conditional - to young men and girls simply give the chance to observe how managers work, to participate in discussions, but to make independently serious decisions, of course, while trusts nobody. In Maikop have suggested children to test in a role not the official, and usual quarter to which should communicate every day with people and to listen to tens complaints.

the Project dublerstva structures of territorial public self-management (TOS) named New prospect . Students of branch of social work and the right Maikop state gumanitarno - the technical college which is a part of the Adygea state university (MGGTK AGU) participated in it. The experimental platform had appeared TOS 9 which is in a separate part of a city, behind the river White.

Students have completely repeated structure of management TOSom: the head, its assistant and 15 quarter, which steels for them instructors. Some months children got acquainted with inhabitants of Zabeljanja. At this time teachers of college together with the city power developed special pasportichki and questionnaires. With them young participants of the project should bypass all court yard in territory TOSa. Document filling became original minicensus, in them all inhabitants of a home ownership and their social the status were specified. And here questionnaires should show, how townspeople estimate comfort of residing in the microdistrict. For example, whether their work of public transport arranges, whether shops suffice, whether feel itself the protected bodies of the law and order?

the Fast social help

- In questionnaires people also named the wishes to the authorities. We have made of children two groups of the fast social help which worked by these inquiries, - Natalia Zagorulko tells managing branch of the right and social work of MGGTK AGU. - Requests were the most different: to the grandmother tea to drink and talk, apples to collect, curtain to hang up, floors to wipe, weed kitchen gardens, to correct fences, to cut trees. This practice has appeared very useful - the future social workers should be able to communicate with people. And at times it is heavy to them to pass this border - to listen, sympathise, help, write down, for example, the elderly person in turn to bring the inquiry. When declared the project beginning, told to children that is their future trade, and have advised: Try, maybe, will understand that it not yours. And already we are going to organise the student`s centre of social service on which base our children will take place further similar practice.

All 35 students of the first and second courses participated in experiment. Through the centre of employment with them have concluded the labour contract and have issued the salary. Girls and young men have bypassed 1260 houses. The part of children processed documents: as a result the electronic database of inhabitants of territory TOSa has been generated, is created new social a portrait microdistrict. Other doublers has returned to those court yard where needed the help.

and pupils Participated in a settlement accomplishment. Together with the quarter landed flowers on beds, spent subbotnik. And to the most remembered became donation fair which has turned to the present holiday. Music underneath was provided with college ensemble. People displayed the sprouts grown up by them which have appeared in an economy superfluous on tables, and gave it to free of charge all interested persons. Moreover also advised, how it is better to plant.

- the Most difficult - to approach to the person and to begin conversation as you do not know how it will react, - student Ruzana Tuguz admits. - Young men were not rude to us, but were often indifferent, simply answered questions and all. And here the elderly offered tea, sweets, fruit. They would like to talk, and it was interesting to us to listen. Instructors - quarter have very much helped, without them it would be impossible to work, after all now people do not trust each other, are afraid of strangers. Filling questionnaires, we have learnt, what local residents need. For example, many have told that it is necessary to asphalt roads, to organise medical assistant`s point. The drugstore nearby is, but works not always, behind medicines often it is necessary to go in a city, instead of all pensioners in a condition to do it. In general, it was interesting to understand that such social work.

the reconciliation Action

to One of the most curious actions became the letter expensive to the neighbour . Students distributed to their quarrelled fellows villager with the offer of reconciliation and the invitation to tea. And shortly before a Victory Day doublers have carried to veterans of war and participants of back of a congratulation with such words: All of you are heroes! And those who had control over the weapon, and those who collected this weapon in shops who on the shoulders took out all burdens of back. All of you are worthy the deepest respect. Also forgive us if we not always happen to you are attentive. We in irredeemable to a debt to you .

- Children initiative and very sensible, - chairman TOS 9 Ljubov Putenko smiles. - They have brought to us huge advantage. Have visited almost each court yard, have seen, what problems at people. Thanking their detour, we have learnt from inhabitants as divisionals, for example, work. One of them as it was found out, worked very badly, it never was, anybody did not know it. As a result of this divisional have dismissed. Doublers have made a database of inhabitants and have put in the computer. Now it regularly we use. Not all from them have wanted to be the presents quarter, have told that it very much a hard work and almost not paid - actually social activities, quarter receive all one thousand roubles. Students have told that it is possible to transfer this business in youth hands if there will be a normal salary with full time. In the long term, I think, and will occur. If it is fair, the form of work quarter -   become outdated. Let with the population works five persons instead of 15, but every day and with full return.

All wishes and the claims of inhabitants collected by doublers, are written down and transferred the head of Maikop. He has promised that all offers will be attentively considered and analysed. And children have awarded with a trip to Black sea in settlement Sukko and an additive to the grant in 300 roubles.

the Comment

Irina Sergeeva, the chief of department on affairs of youth of administration of Maikop:

- In capital of Adygea lives more than 45 thousand young men, for our city is a solid number, but in local authorities people who already come nearer to advanced age work basically. Therefore it is necessary to form a youth personnel reserve. The project New prospect should show, whether these children in the future are capable to replace heads of a younger link on places. We have decided not to go on the way, for example, the authorities of Moscow where students work as doublers in the capital government and to try to realise the project in separately taken territory of self-management.

It there was a month of very intensive work, ourselves did not expect that the modern youth is so got by spirit dobrovolchestva and civilisation. Children with enthusiasm have started working, very patiently communicated with older persons, listened to them. When they filled pasportichki and questionnaires, were found out social defects which have been admitted by the power. The project has put weight of questions before administration: what it is necessary to make for improvement of life of settlement that does not suffice inhabitants?

And when students have made the social passport of territory, we have come to a conclusion that it is necessary for making in everyone TOSe. The part of children was shown by remarkable organising abilities, and on a total round table on which organizers, participants of the project, their instructors and curators have analysed results of work, they expressed that wish would be to be engaged further in such activity. Besides New prospect has helped to collect theoretical operating time which will be useful to college in training of students.

the Chairman and quarter TOS 9 remained are happy with the doublers, and it means that - creation of a personnel reserve of experts of territorial public self-management - it is possible to consider one of project overall objectives reached. And as the pilot project has gone right, the city authorities are not going to stop on it. I think, its continuation should consist in the organisation dublerstva other structures. We have young physicians, lawyers, psychologists, sociologists - all of them can be involved in similar projects which help to reveal the most talented youth. Besides new prospect has once again confirmed that to a trade of the manager, the head, the manager it is necessary to have also natural inclinations.

On a note

Department on affairs of youth of administration of Maikop - (8772 52 - 80 - 86.