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Reconstruction of a mirror of the telescope largest in Eurasia

At Lytkarinsky factory of optical glass in Moscow Region is suspended reconstruction of the main astronomical mirror Zelenchuksky (Karachaevo-Circassia) observatories is suspended.

the stop Reason banal - problems with financing. According to the director of the Special astrophysical observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO the Russian Academy of Sciences) Yury Balegi, from - for reductions of the budget of the Russian Academy of Sciences of money for mirror reconstruction this year it is not allocated absolutely.

In 2007 huge (six metres in diameter) the mirror has been transported from the well-known Zelenchuksky observatory (Karachaevo-Circassia) on Lytkarinsky factory of optical glass where 40 years ago it and has been made. The mirror was in great need in polishing and surface polishing, restoration svetootrazhajushchego coverings on the basis of modern technologies. The total cost of the contract has made 92 million roubles. The most part of means had time to master, but there were debts in 30 million roubles.

- These debts gradually grow, - ascertain Balega. - the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation promises to allocate till the end of this year 10 million roubles but while money is not present. It is possible to tell with confidence that the mirror will not return to an observatory neither in 2010, nor next year. The delay in works on a mirror shifts terms of performance of the program of modernisation of a telescope as a whole which includes start-up and debugging of system of cooling of a tower and a mirror, introduction of the monitoring system of quality of images. All it can turn back for SAO the Russian Academy of Sciences stagnation and low overall performance.

Absence of the main mirror will not paralyse work of a special astrophysical observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences completely - while scientists use the second which is the coeval of the first. But it too has the roughnesses which have appeared while in service. It negatively affects on pronitsajushchej to force of a telescope.