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In regions TSFO pogoreltsy celebrate house warming

Responsibility for timely maintenance with habitation of the citizens injured with forest fires, has been assigned personally to heads of regions.

Today it is possible to ascertain - the problem is executed. In an emergency mode - after all the choice was not. However it is necessary to make much - regarding an infrastructure of settlements where fire in the summer stormed. And the coming winter will show, whether builders have faked.

Vladimir region

the New microdistrict in village Ivatino is completely populated. Here 68 houses for inhabitants of the Melenkovsky area, lost as a result of natural fires are constructed this summer of habitation all.

Settling of the first 20 houses has taken place on October, 20th, and on November, 1st governor Nikolay Vinogradov has handed over documents on the right of installation to 48 more families.

In new houses, unlike former, settling down in village Kamenka and settlement Southern, there are all conveniences: gas, a waterpipe, telecommunication. In court yard individual sewer systems are established, sheds with cellars are erected. Microdistrict streets are completely asphalted.

New settlers drive to the houses already equipped with gas coppers, gas cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, complete sets of satellite television and even the TVs presented by firm - the manufacturer. And the regional Fund of social support of the population on donations of citizens has bought for pogoreltsev kitchen sets, beds and prikrovatnye bedside tables.

Together with warrants new settlers have received guarantee certificates for five years. It means that in case of occurrence of technical malfunctions they will be eliminated free of charge. After all to provide normal operation of habitation, people it is necessary to teach to use the equipment which they did not face earlier. And for this purpose time is required.

According to regional department of social protection of the population, for October, 28th of 190 persons who have suffered from summer natural fires in which number 11 of minor children and 45 summer residents, have received monetary payment at a rate of 200 thousand roubles (100 thousand roubles - from the federal budget and 100 thousand - from the regional budget). The Total amount of the allocated means has made 38 million roubles.

work on rendering assistance to citizens who have lost habitation and property as a result of natural fires, in gathering and the official registration of papers confirming the property right Now proceeds.

the Voronezh region

the Pensioner from village Shubersky New Usmansky area Vladimir Cherednikov has received a symbolical key from the new house from hands of governor Alexey Gordeyev. It and its members of household became last new settlers from number pogoreltsev, victims in the past summer from the natural fires, driven in new habitation.

That is interesting, the governor has brought to the head of the family and an unusual gift - eight pigeons of local breeds. The matter is that at the pensioner together with the house the dovecot in which contained about hundred birds has burnt down also. Now in a court yard of a family of Cherednikovyh it is built also new the bird`s house in which there will live the feathery.

Builders have kept within the term defined by the provincial authorities - all acceptance reports - habitation transfers have been signed till October, 25th, as well as was planned. In deadlines - actually for two with small month - builders have erected to territories of area of 185 houses for 205 families. 105 more families have chosen monetary indemnifications, 36 have got ready apartments in high-rise buildings. The majority lives now in restored on a place of big fires houses from gazosilikatnyh blocks which, according to experts, will well hold heat in colds, and to a heat will not turn in dushegubki . Anyhow, on heat conductivity these houses will pass serious examination in this winter which, under forecasts of weather forecasters, is expected enough cold.

However with delivery of houses of work in the settlements which have suffered from fires, will not stop. Building and repair of social objects, road infrastructure, if necessary - water supply will be spent here. As Alexey Gordeyev has informed, on places special operational brigades will be created. Their problem - to render the operative help to tenants of new houses, to react to remarks, to eliminate possible subquality work.

the Ryazan region

it was necessary for Regional authorities to build up anew in deadlines 248 houses - so much families have wished to receive new houses instead of the forest fires which have burnt down in a fire chamber. On Saturday (on October, 30th) received keys from new buildings inhabitants of the settlement which has burnt down almost completely Laskovsky (55 houses) and also essentially suffered village Kriushi (65 houses).

Wanted, tried and have made, - the plenipotentiary of the president in TSFO George Poltavchenko who has arrived in Laskovsky, has underlined and then and in Kriushu to congratulate new settlers. - The Ryazan region against other regions TSFO looks is not worse at all, and in many moments more positively . He also has noted high quality of the constructed habitation. In houses kitchens and the combined bathrooms with cold and hot water supply are provided, the input is equipped by platform and a porch. Walls are executed from gazosilikatnyh blocks with external warming, a roof - from a metal tile, the PVC window. Floors are covered by linoleum on teplozvukoizoljatsionnoj to a basis. All building materials have quality passports, conformity certificates, fireproof processing of wooden elements of a design of a roof is executed. In all houses is vodo - and an electrical supply, gas. On each house satellite aerials are established, telecommunication and the Internet is provided.

And here pogoreltsam from villages Shoste and Kartanosovo again built up houses have transferred in possession without fanfares and public cutting of ribbons. The matter is that yet gas there is not brought: The gas pipeline lining is tightened from - for a difficult lay of land. And road to these settlements hastily complete. So the constructed houses already have transferred to people, and here they will celebrate house warming in holidays - by this time all works should be completely complete.