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In the Novosibirsk region have baked a loaf it is powerful 400 kgs

In the Novosibirsk region pass Days of a crop.

this year grain-growers of region have collected let not record, but a worthy crop - 2 million 670 thousand tons of grain.

- Despite not so favorable weather conditions, we have been assured: the Novosibirsk region will be with a good harvest. It has taken the fifth place among subjects of Russia and the second among regions of Siberia on total gathering grain, - governor of the region Vasily Jurchenko has noted.

In the international expocentre the Siberian fair these days workers of agriculture show the achievements. The surprise was presented by bakers of the Tatar area. They have baked a loaf of such width and such height that on it the demand in the Guinness Book of Records by right is issued. The rich miracle has weight of 400 kgs that to it will allow to become the largest and big roll of bread in the world. For the comparison, got to the book of records the Ukrainian the Pyatigorsk loaf - 243 kgs weighed any 160 kgs, and. In a grasp the new grain masterpiece makes 7,3 metres and one metre in height. On its manufacturing 350 kgs of a flour, 42 kgs of sugar, 21 kg of margarine, 8,5 kgs of yeast, 210 eggs have left. To bake a huge roll, workers of the Tatar bread-baking complex have constructed the special furnace. Besides, in an exposition of this area - bread in the form of the opera and ballet theatre which is under construction of the third bridge.

Traditional for Days of a crop there are agricultural fairs which are organised in all areas of area. Their visitors can get production at reduced prices. For example, only in Novosibirsk such ten platforms work.

All winners of competition the Crop - 2010 steels of 18 areas, 35 enterprises and farms, more than 150 experts of economy and farmers. It hands over Certificates of honour of the Novosibirsk region, and also monetary awards and the new technics - tractors, cars.