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Victor Tchernomyrdin`s fellow countrymen remember, what it was

In the Orenburg village the Black Spur in day of death of Victor Stepanovicha since the morning have lowered a little national flags. And in John Bogoslova`s temple have passed molebny for the peace of soul of the slave to Divine Victor.

In 1992 Victor Stepanovich has responded to the request of fellows villager and has helped to construct it the present temple instead of old wooden tserkovki. And personally supervised building before the consecration. And to consecration has invited the most holy Patriarch of All Russia II.

- Though arrival has stopped existence till Victor Stepanovicha`s birth, and in the childhood it did not go to church, but it in a sort had many believers, - the prior of arrival of John Bogoslova father Gennady (Kornienko) tells. - it is visible, from grandmothers, from grandfathers the respect for belief was transferred also to it. In each arrival it came to our temple, prayed, candles put.

And never forgot to bow to tombs of the parents on a rural country churchyard for wooden shtaketnikom. Even if came with quite official visit accompanied by ministers, governors and retinue of journalists. wait here - protection asked. And for ogradku Tchernomyrdin left one or with not numerous relatives.

Has sat down, maybe, therefore lives that it existed. Here practically all reminds of its good deeds: the asphalted roads, school, hospital, stadium, a gym and, of course, gas to each house. Paradox: but 20 years ago the most gas area in Russia could provide with this fuel of not all inhabitants. Now Orenburzhye on gasification - the leader in the country. And, of course, gas has come to the Black Spur thanks to the program Gazprom thanks to that Victor Stepanovicha`s colleagues remembered its strict: People live on gas. So give them gas in houses!

Last time Victor Tchernomyrdin came to native village two weeks ago. to say goodbye, see... - with a sigh fellow countrymen speak.

- It of day   four has stayed, - the head of administration of Chernootrozhsky village council Zufar Gabzalilov has told. - Looked those objects which at us are under construction with its participation. It is literally one of these days we started a dairy complex. Victor Stepanovich has looked at orchard landings, a cemetery protection …

- will not interrupt   all these affairs without it?

- Know, to   to us his elder son Vitaly Viktorovich has come to the Black Spur. And that agricultural production which at us is organised, we are assured, will proceed. Because Vitaly Viktorovich, as well as his father, very sensitively concerns questions of an accomplishment, social sphere. And the most important thing - Victor Stepanovich has imparted to it love to the earth of the ancestors and for us it was the teacher, an example as it is necessary to concern native village. He in the person knows each fellow countryman! Knew …

People came all the day long to village administration, presented condolences and asked Zufara Gabzalilova to transfer to Victor Stepanovicha`s their family. Will make it delegation of the Black Spur which gathers to Moscow where farewell to Victor Tchernomyrdin on November, 5th will take place.

- Fellow countrymen   have stated a wish that Victor Stepanovicha`s name has been immortalised in our village, - tells Zufar Gabzalilov. - Already there is an offer to name his name street and school. At the nearest session of Council we will consider these offers.

Mourning declared and at the Orenburg gas-processing factory Victor Tchernomyrdin was which first director. On a factory checkpoint - the obituary: Has died outstanding state and the public figure, our fellow countryman … . But for Orenburg gazovikov that person about whom these are told, certainly, correct words, remains for ever our Stepanychem . It built this factory, having begun with a post of the assistant to the chief engineer and becoming the main things gazovikom the countries.

- In 1975   after the high school and service termination   I have arrived to armies on factory, have come to Victor Stepanovichu, - the present director gazzavoda Anatoly Trynov remembers. - He has looked at my documents, and it has appeared that we with it have ended the same Kuibyshev polytechnical institute. Since 1975 and until recently we constantly met it. Each time when he came to Orenburg, necessarily visited factory, came to me. And we sat in an office of the director - its office in which I now work. The gas-processing factory was, probably, its first big work on a post of the head and remained its big love. We spoke about manufacture, but it is more, of course, about people. I remember, in 2004 was 30 - letie factory, and Victor Stepanovich acted from a scene of our Palace of culture Gazovik . And he remembered names and surnames of the senior operators, chiefs of installations. I looked at hall reaction: people simply were surprised. As the person who for these years has taken place the big posts, supervised over the country government, has not forgotten names of operators which were the first on start-up of technological objects and installations.

And its people   too remember. Want to remember and remember the person who has grown in a bleached small house from samana - clay with straw. There is no already that small house, but nobody occupies the earth of the former farmstead of Chernomyrdinyh. It is designated by a wattle fence, and behind it sunflowers grow. There is at fellow countrymen a dream - to recreate this house and to make here Victor Stepanovicha`s museum.