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Growth VRP of the Kaliningrad region large infrastructural projects

will provide the Authorities of the Kaliningrad region have prepared the forecast socially - economic development of Amber land on the nearest five-years period. Growth of a total regional product (VRP) on 2011 - is calculated 2015 taking into account economic and budgetary restrictions eksklava.

Last year for economy of the most western region of the country on many indicators has appeared failure. Volume VRP has decreased almost for 15 percent - to 16,7 billion roubles. On an industrial production index eksklav from the first place in SZFO has fallen on the sixth, and on an indicator of processing manufactures it has appeared in the tail. According to the experts, it has been connected with area specialisation on manufacture importozameshchajushchih the goods demand on which has sharply fallen.

this year, however, in the lead positions it was possible to return. However launch of an index of industrial production for 130 percent speaks both low start, and features of the statistical account. So, for example, the processing enterprises have started the production cheaper nomenclature, mainly it and the increase in volumes of output for 145,6 percent speaks at once. And at provided boom otvertochnikov - electronics engineers and auto makers - the share of the added cost is insignificant.

- Considering these and other factors, we can leave on level VRP of 2008 only by the end of 2011, - has declared at operative meeting of the regional government and. An island vitse - a premiere Michael Pljuhin.

At meeting special attention have given to the analysis of economic and budgetary restrictions of a development of the region. Number of system problems concern eksklavnost territories and the logistical difficulties connected with it and administrative barriers. So, customs registration of the cargoes moved from the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania in big Russia waggons, occupies till 5 days, and additional costs from idle time manage in 400 dollars for cargo ton. And it without considering losses of time for giving of the transit declaration, maintenance opening on cargo, utrjasku visa formalities for drivers.

Certainly, geopolitical questions to solve at local level it is impossible. But also other problems suffices. Today in region there is no competitive klastera though good preconditions for this purpose were and there are with shipbuilding, processings, spheres of consulting and information technology. The innovative sector stays in embryo. Economy growth is slowed down by infrastructural restrictions: dearness of power resources (it is caused by absence of modern networks and features of transportation in eksklav natural gas) and backwardness local financially - credit system. At the height of financial crisis three of ten regional banks have stopped the existence, remained conduct extremely ostrozhnuju the credit policy. It all together forces potential investors to refuse even from garantirovanno profitable projects.

However as consider in the government, preconditions for growth VRP it is a lot of. One of them - a long-awaited exit of many enterprises - residents of the Special economic zone on designed capacity. Under forecasts of officials, by 2015 volume VRP will grow to 353 billion roubles. The next years high rate will be provided with the processing enterprises and the second power unit of the Kaliningrad thermal power station started in operation - 2.

- it is possible to carry motor industry which intends to increase release of cars from 150 thousand pieces in 2010 to 240 thousand in 2011 - m. And also the enterprises of electronic industry and under construction Baltic atomic power station To points of economic growth. Under our forecasts, for a share of locomotives of economy next year it is necessary more than 55 percent VRP, - the Minister of Finance of the Kaliningrad region Victor Porembsky has underlined.