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In Petersburg problems to networks disturb with technical connection to small-scale business development

At the second power forum Technological joining: modern aspects which has passed in St.-Petersburg past week, have discussed urgent problems of interaction of businessmen and energetikov.

On the statistican, the number of small enterprises of Petersburg has come nearer to 300 thousand. According to experts, it is far not a limit, but the further growth brakes inaccessibility of electric systems. To be connected to them long and expensively.

- Now there are cases when joining cost on some objects reaches fifty percent from total amount of investments. This money is put in the cost price of object and finally lays down on shoulders of buyers, - the member of presidium of the all-Russian public organisation of small and average business " has noted; the Support of Russia Michael Kolesnikov.

Thus small-scale business for which the joining problem costs most sharply, provides today 20 percent of gross national product, and by 2020 of the power intend to finish this indicator to 40 percent.

- Therefore the connection question should be solved immediately. And to begin with the large power companies. Their long and slow plans do not provide changes under bright innovative business, - Kolesnikov has underlined.

However to shift all responsibility on energetikov it is impossible.

- in a number of problems with connection is wine and small enterprises that is caused by their low legal culture changing very slowly. And to an electricity from Soviet period concern as a free resource, - the chief executive of the Union of small enterprises of St.-Petersburg Vladimir Menshikov recognised.

Nevertheless present terms of joining he names simply terrible for innovatorov .

Businessmen were prepared for a forum thoroughly. Concrete questions at them today suffices.

- To us interests energetikov are not important, to us the result and a market transparency are important. It would be desirable, that at last there was an accessible information written by a simple language on a connection order. And that this information has been laid out in the Network and published in the form of the brochure. And time in a city exists the plan on development of small business, very much it would be desirable, that it provided power capacities for connection of the companies, - the chairman of the Petersburg branch " considers; Support of Russia Andrey Gorjunov.

Power claims of businessmen concern easy.

- In our city of a problem of technical connection stand much more sharply, than even in Moscow. They have arisen seven years ago when the investment boom has begun, - the general director of Lenenergo Andrey Sorochinsky has reminded.

On the final decision of a question time - at least as early as is necessary four years for the power companies.

- There is a program of development till 2015, its actions should eliminate all basic problems of the oldest and most problem city power supply system in the country. This year we have already concluded contracts twice more than in the past, - the assistant to the general director of holding " has underlined; MRSK Gennady Binko.

According to experts, for last three years the quantity of demands for joining has grown three times. To cope with such shaft difficult, discontent of clients not to avoid.

- to Improve an existing order we plan in 2012 with introduction of uniform information system, - the assistant to the general director on realisation of services of Lenenergo Maxim Artemyev speaks.

As he said, the system will give to each subscriber a private office . And he can understand, why technological joining has occurred from this point, to estimate capacity reserves, amount of works, cost - actually to see the connection scheme. The system is developed on the basis of the geoinformation program which already operates in the company (today it intended for optimisation of repair work of a cable network). It is a question of creation of a link which will allow to use it for technological joining, completely having automated process.

However while power optimise working processes, experts consider, it is necessary what to work over the approach to a problem.

- Tariffs for technical joining is a nonsense. As a result of collection for it of money capitalisation only owners of networks, instead of those who puts up the money in this joining grows. Therefore I consider that money resources for joining should be provided with shares of company which spends connection, - considers managing chair of an electrical supply of Severo - the Western state correspondence technical university Michael Bozhkov.

In its opinion, such mechanism will give to businessmen the additional tool for attraction of bank credits.

- And it will necessarily lead to growth of number of demands and will impulse development of innovations, - is assured Gods.