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On Russian - the Finnish border of stoppers any more will not be

On pogranichno - customs point of Torfjanovka at Russian - the Finnish border of autostoppers any more will not be. The builders who have handed over past Tuesday the reconstructed site of a highway of M are assured of it - 10 international lines Scandinavia .

Torfjanovka has become famous at drivers as Russia, and Finland the huge jams. Especially before New Year`s holidays. The stream of the truck transport plying between these countries, grows every year. Waggons go from all Russia, and also from ports Ust - Luga, Primorsk, Petersburg. Not only that strips was only two (on one in each party) so also the narrow road cloth abounded with hollows, potholes and a dirt.

Now strips four. Thus streams of cargo and automobile motor transport are divided. The ground on which it is laid as speak, qualitative asphalt, is strengthened by special piles (them have driven in the earth of 3,5 thousand pieces).

There was also dempfernaja a platform on 400 mashinomest - something like a waiting room for a truck transport with cafe and dry closets for drivers.

line Reconstruction Scandinavia has begun in 2008. The bridge through the river the Earring has been in this time constructed, and here now have updated a road cloth. On the last has left only 5 months. And world financial crisis has not prevented!