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In Kazan present Vasily Aksenova`s unfinished book

Tomorrow in Kazan opens IV literary - musical festival “ Aksenov - fest “.

As always, it will collect friends and Vasily Aksenova`s colleagues, and also numerous admirers of its talent.

Among participants musician Andrey Makarevich, writers Alexander Kabakov, Evgenie Popov, poet Anatoly Nyman, the editor-in-chief of magazine “ October “ Irina Barmetova, director Vadim Abdrashitov.

the presentation of last unfinished book of Vasily Pavlovicha " becomes the Main event of present festival; Lend - leasing. Children of Lend - liza “. It is devoted the childhood of the writer spent in Kazan. It is necessary to explain that “ Lend - liz “ - the name of the American program of free aid to allies (lend - to lend “ and lease - “ to lease, vnaem “) . In its frameworks in the USSR foodstuff which have helped to survive to small Vase Aksenovu, no less than set of its contemporaries, in days of war were delivered.

Left so that the destiny of this product has intertwined with festival. The author has shared a novel plan about the Kazan years on the first “ Aksenov - feste “ than, certainly, has intrigued the fellow countrymen. Unfortunately, to add it it was not in time any more. And visit to a native city for Vasily Aksenova then became the last. And here after almost four years it comes back in the magic image to Kazan in the literary embodiment. The hero of the novel - boy Aksi - Polish, in which the writer is easily guessed. On a share of the child the set of tests has dropped out: howl - on, hunger, arrest of parents. But, despite it, its memoirs are got by nostalgia.

it is symbolical that the book presentation will take place in Vasily Aksenova`s house museum where it has spent the childhood and adolescence. Let`s remind that have opened it at last festival after three-year restoration works. The house interior is sustained in the spirit of 40 - 50 - h years (then it there was a communal flat), and room conditions in which there lived his family, is restored according to Vasily Pavlovicha.

the Writer did not want, that this building turned to a boring museum, and has suggested to unite under its roof of cafe and a letter - round - but - muses - kalnyj salon. On IV “ Ak - se - it is new - feste “ this idea will be definitively realised. In podvalchike the jazz club at home will open. As it is known, the writer adored this musical direction. Not without reason the invariable motto of festival is the phrase of Aksenova: “ it is necessary to Live, as though dancing a swing “.

In general a musical part “ Aksenov - festa “ promises to be bright, sated. In the house of the writer for the first time it will be shown literatures - but - musical performance on motives of the story of Vasily Pavlovicha “ The gawk in the jazz world “. The director - the director of number - the Moscow jazzman Alesya Kruglov.

Two concerts will pass on a scene of the State big concert hall of a name of Sajdasheva. On fifth of November known jazz singer Tekora Rogers (USA), Evgenie Bortsa`s trio and saxophonist Alexander Gureev here will act. And next day Andrey Makarevich will present in BKZ the new musical program “ L. O V. E. - Songs about love “ together with Evgenie Bortsa`s trio and vocal ensemble “ A ` cappella ExpreSSS “.

the literary program of festival will be not less interesting. This year almost invariable structure of its participants will a little be updated. For the first time on “ Aksenov - feste “ writer Valery Popov, poets Anatoly Nyman, July Gugolev, Irina Ermakova will visit. Visitors will act on solo creative evenings, will spend the master - classes and will simply communicate to readers on the autograph - sessions. Besides venerable authors at festival it will be possible to hear and young Kazan poets.

the Inquiry

For the first time literary - muses - kal - nyj festival “ Aksenov - fest “ has passed in Kazan in 2007. It became an original gift of a city to the well-known fellow countryman on   75 - summer anniversary. Since then the festival is spent every year. At various times him have visited Bell Ahmadullina, Michael Veller, Michael Gendelev, Dmitry Bykov, Alexey Kozlov. Within the limits of festival at the initiative of Vasily Aksenova the award for young writers " has been founded; the Star ticket “.

the festival Program

the House museum of Aksenova, street To. Marx, 55/ 31

on November, 4th

11. 00 Master - Anatoly Nyman`s class

14. 30 Evening - presentation of three magazines (“ Idel “ “ Kazan “ “ the Kazan almanac “)

19. 00 Evening of Anatoly Nyman

on November, 5th

11. 00 Master - Svetlana Va`s class - silevoj

12. 30 Master - a class Julia Gugoleva

15. 00 Evening of the Tatar poetry

16. 00 Evening of poetry of the Kazan authors

19. 00 Creative evening “ Priests - 2Οξοξβ “ (Moscow - Petersburg)

20. 00 Literary - musical performance “ the Gawk in the jazz world “

on November, 6th

12. 00 Master - Irina Ermakovoj`s class

14. 00 Meeting with winners “ the Star ticket “ Anna Russ and Denis Osokin

15. 30 Meeting with Alexander Kabakovym and Evgenie Popovym

17. 00 Creative evening with Juliem Gugolevym

18. 30 Presentation of last novel of Aksenova “ Children of Lend - liza “

19. 00 Opening of club Aksenova

the Museum FROM, street To. Marx, 64

on November, 5th

14. 30 Meeting with listeners of school - Konstantin Habensky`s studios. Participants: Anatoly Nyman, July Gugolev, Valery Popov, Andrey Makarevich

on November, 6th

15. 30 Creative evening Irina Ermakovoj

E.A.Boratynsky`s House museum, street Bitter, 25/ 28

on November, 5th

12. 30 Master - Valery Popova`s class

14. 30 Master - Evgenie Popova`s class

on November, 6th

12. Vadim Abdrashitova`s 00 Meeting with script writers

14. 00 Master - Alexander Kabakova`s class

on November, 7th

12. 00 “ Two novels - two destinies “. Conversation about destinies of two families - writers Boratynsky and Aksenova

KFU, street Kremlin, 18

on November, 6th

12. Valery Popova`s 00 Meeting with students

the Book court yard, t/ to “ Suvar Plaza “ (2 - j a floor)

on November, 5th

11. 00 Autograph - Evgenie Popova, Julia Gugoleva, Valery Popova, Anatoly Nyman, Andrey Makarevicha`s session

on November, 6th

11. 00 Autograph - Alexander Kabakova, Irina Ermakovoj, Svetlana Vasilevoj`s session