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In Tatarstan for use not certificated ksenona will deprive of the rights

Before operation under the conditional name Ksenon which will pass in Tatarstan from November, 10 till November, 25th, drivers still have time to convert the car.

After the specified term with infringers inspectors promise to conduct conversation only in court.

the State traffic inspectorate has chosen Terms of carrying out of the action not casually. Since November, 21st all Russian drivers should go constantly with the included passing light of headlights, therefore motorists, whose cars are equipped not certificated ksenonom, will blind all not only at night, but also in the afternoon.

Double blow

It already the second attempt UGIBDD the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT to bring to reason drivers who bypassing rules equip cars with cheap devices. For the first time to get rid from kustarno established ksenona motorists of republic have asked in April of last year. The initiative of the State traffic inspectorate of Tatarstan has caused the big resonance in a press, and the Kazan drivers left on streets. Then opposition of motorists have christened revolt of cars . Business has reached that the group of forty drivers blocked road before the main building of traffic police of republic. However, the action lasted only ten minutes as the protesting have taken away in militia, and their cars have sent on shtrafstojanku. The protest in any way has not wagged on traffic police plans to put things in order on roads. During that operation more hundreds motorists have separated from a wheel on all republic. And the Supreme court of Russia recognised State traffic inspectorate actions competent.

has not had time to remove

the Trump in hands of inspectors has given, that without wishing, the Kazan motorist Alexander Raskovalkin when has decided to protest the decision of the world judge who have deprived its driving licence for installation of the xenon lamps.

In June of last year Alexander was stopped by patrol on road Kazan - a Zelenodolsk and has specified that on it Deu Nexias the xenon headlights which do not correspond to requirements of a design of the given car are established. On the driver have made the report on an administrative offence. In it Alexander Raskovalkin has written that has not had time to remove gas-discharge lamps . That is actually the motorist recognised fault and to itself has signed a sentence.

the World judge of judicial site N 2 has deprived of Raskovalkina of a driving licence. Not consent with the decision of the judge the motorist has addressed in higher instance - the Kirov district court of Kazan. But also there has not found support. The point in this business was put by the Supreme court of Russia when has left Alexander Raskovalkina`s complaint without satisfaction.

Now this document serves as the basic argument of employees UGIBDD the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT in struggle against drivers who establish the xenon headlights in infringement of rules.

Ksenon in the inheritance

In the State traffic inspectorate adhere to a hard line - ksenon should be certificated. To convert the cars which have been not intended for gas-discharge lamps, it is impossible. In traffic police consider that car-care centres extend obviously false information that them ksenon is certificated. The original equipment cannot cost more low 30 - 35 thousand roubles, in Tatarstan offers begin from ones and a half - two thousand roubles. The republic state traffic inspectorate threatens to fine all autotuning studio which are engaged in installation of unapproved devices and adaptations. If will catch, the penalty sum can reach a half-million of roubles.

Installation of the xenon headlights in Kazan is not offered only by the lazy. In capital of Tatarstan the given service is in 50 studio. It is a lot of offers, because there is a demand.

- the Fashion on ksenon I directly connect with a fashion on toning, - deputy chief UGIBDD tells the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Tatarstan to Radik of Ramazans. - have you ever seen anything like it, tonirovat a windshield? Certainly, thus it is visible nothing to the driver also it it is compelled to establish ksenon. However such automobile owner does not reflect on what danger represents on road. On the statistican, drivers have accidents from - for faulty brakes and faulty external light devices more often.

On a question of the correspondent, as drivers with left ksenonom manage to pass checkup, Ramazans has answered:

- And they ksenon establish already after checkup passage. For the new car the coupon operates three years, and, as a rule, in this time the owner has time to sell the car. So the new owner of the car inherits lamps. And to get rid of them it is independently impossible.

By the way

In the list of services of autotuning studio here already some time operates new service - dismantle ksenona. To get rid of lamps it is possible for the same price that it was necessary to lay out for installation. Dismantle cost - from 500 roubles.


Edward Nikolays, the pilot of a command KAMAZ - the master in motor racing from 10 years, drives domestic cars:

- Without ksenona at night in desert there is nothing. If it is fair, there it simply to survive to us helps. But our headlights are adjusted with mathematical accuracy. And conditions in rally - spot-checks, understand, especial.

Manufacturers of automobile foreign cars have added for a long time to the arsenal the xenon lamps, but establish them under all specifications and rules. Naturally, they shine road is better, it is especially important, when in streets lanterns do not burn. And in inter-season period gain, while there is no snow and nights dark. And here left ksenon all picture spoils. Itself I swear, when the swell with cheap ksenonom towards goes. Such on road not a place.

Zulfija Fashutdinova, the leader of TV channel the Ether the driver with the three-year experience, the proprietress KIA Pikanto :

- There was a case when I was blinded by the car going towards with the xenon headlights. Has carried that ahead there were no other cars, differently not to avoid failure. Then I have reduced speed and have a little come to the senses. But where the guarantee, as next time so will carry? I not against cars with the xenon headlights but only if they are established duly and, the most important thing, will not disturb the rest.

Alexey Chupin, the known hockey player, the director of sport centre Vatan the driver with 20 - the summer experience, goes now at the wheel Infiniti :

- At me the car with the xenon headlights. As I often should go in the country, they very much gain. But ksenon happens different. If headlights are established not in a regular mode, the difference is felt at once. I consider that all should be within the limits of the law. So far as concerns safety and life of people, amateur performance on road not a place. As to punishment only one penalties a situation hardly you will change, and here deprivation of a driving licence could take in hand a few infringers.

Ramil Hajrullin, the regional representative of Federation of automobile owners of Russia, the driver`s experience of more than ten years, goes at the wheel the fourteenth :

- I against supernumerary ksenona, it should be certificated at factory. But here to struggle with this problem, I consider, it is necessary a little differently. Gas-discharge lamps at us are not forbidden, they are available on free sale, that is any at their desire can buy and establish. Import of cheap counterfeit complete sets from China and Korea too is not forbidden. A question why? We try to struggle not with the reason, and with a consequence.