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From the beginning of 2010 the Russian advertising market has grown for 14 percent

Restoration of the advertising market which has strongly suffered during crisis, there is all more actively. The data of the official report of Association of communication agencies of Russia testifies to it (AKAR). For first nine months of current year the Russian advertising market has grown for 14 percent in comparison with a similar indicator of 2009, having made 160 billion roubles.

Rates of increase increased every quarter. So, according to association, in the first quarter of this year the market has grown all for 5 percent in comparison with similar indicators of previous year, in the second - already almost for 15 percent. Third quarter growth has made at once 22 percent. Only advertising editions became an exception on this background. They, on the contrary, from the beginning of year have lost 5 percent.

In the beginning of year forecasts were much more modest. Then experts gave to the advertising market on vyrost an order of 10 percent. Intermediate indicators it has appeared above look-ahead. The greatest growth for nine months has shown the market the Internet - advertising. It has added for 37 percent, to 18,4 - 18,6 billion roubles. The director for marketing researches of the analytical centre Video of Interneshnl Sergey Veselov pays attention what even in crisis the Runet remained the unique media which incomes did not fall but only grew. Last year advertisers in Russia have reduced the general budgets to a quarter, and here on the Internet have increased by 8 percent. In that, as in 2010 expenses of the companies on advertising on the Internet continue to increase, experts do not see anything unexpected. Also the probability is great that the Internet becomes the second for placing volumes by the end of the year, having pressed thus printing mass-media (24,1 - 24,3 billion roubles). Thus leadership on - former holds TV market - advertising. In the third quarter its volume left on level 83,1 - 84,1 billion roubles, having added in comparison with last year of 11 percent. It is almost pre-crisis volume behind a minus 2 - 3 percent.

Expenses of the companies on outdoor advertising this year have increased by 18 percent, having made 23,1 - 23,3 billion roubles. It is necessary to remind that last year was for naruzhki, as, however, and for printing mass-media, failure. Then their volumes have fallen at once to 40 percent. on restoration of these segments of the advertising market a year - two " is required as early as; - Sergey Veselov considers.

advertising Growth in January - September, 2010